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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A warning

Dear Volkswagen,

Typically my sister is the one writing letters, but I thought I’d go ahead and give it a try myself this time.

You see, I have not had much to say to you in the past. I have had my wonderful Jetta for 5 years now—in fact, she just turned 5 at the beginning of August, and I finally finished paying for her at that time. And in the 5 years prior, I really never any issues with her, other than one dysfunctional CD player that was covered under warranty and therefore replaced at no cost.

Well apparently those carefree days are long gone, because ever since I sent in that final payment, my Jetta stopped cooperating. First, the back seat floorboard of my car mysteriously flooded when left out in the rain one weekend. No windows or doors were cracked and the moon roof was closed, but somehow the floorboard was soaked. It hasn’t happened since, so I have no choice but to take the blame and assume I didn’t close one of the doors all the way. Still, I’m calling that strike one.

About a month later, my battery died on the way to work. The alternator was the suspect, as the car actually died while I was driving it, but upon further investigation, the battery was the real culprit. As such, the battery was promptly replaced. Strike two.

A few weeks ago, my check engine light came on and simply refused to go away. I surrendered her to my father-in-law, who conveniently does service for a car dealership. He returned the car to me with a repaired cooling fan, and wondered, by the way, if I noticed that my car still smells like mildew as a result of the floor board flooding incident. Strike three.

I kid you not—the very day after the cooling fan was fixed, I noticed that the car was making a strange vibrating noise any time the air conditioning was on. I have tried not to worry about it, and to be honest, I haven’t used the AC in over a week thanks to the lovely weather we’ve been having, so it has been easy to ignore.

Well yesterday, I noticed that the car just felt different when I was driving it—I’m sure anyone who has owned a car for 5+ years can relate when I say that I know the way the car normally drives, and this was not normal. Chalking it up to the aging process and not wanting to harass my father-in-law yet again with another car issue, I tried not to obsess about it. But this morning she was still running funny, and in the very moment that I was thinking to myself, “All of these car troubles are ridiculous! I may not have a car payment anymore, but I have a feeling I’ll be more than making up for what I’m saving in repair costs…,” the check engine light came back on. Again.

I like to call this strike 4. And for those of you that know anything about baseball, that is one too many strikes.

So, Volkswagen, you win. I called the local dealership this morning and made an appointment for Friday afternoon. I have a feeling it won’t be pretty and it won’t be cheap, but if I don’t leave with a healthy and fully functioning car, then believe me when I say that there will be words.

And if you think I’m not going to follow through on that promise, then just ask Dairy Queen. They’ll be sure to let you know what happens when Amanda isn’t satisfied with customer service. So consider yourself warned.



Volkswagen Public Relations said...


I apologize for these horrible inconveniences. We at Volkswagen consider you part of our family and want to make sure that your car is as happy and healthy as possible.

If it's not too much trouble, please fill out a formal request here and we will fix this as soon as possible.

Thanks! and sorry :(

- Volkswagen Public Relations

The Blogivers said...

Whoa, VWPR must be sitting there and checking your blog to reply that quickly - maybe I should write a post dedicated to all the malfunctions MY Jetta has had in its 4 years of life...

Annie said...

Wait, is that Volkswagen comment legit?! How did that happen?

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