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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just the usual

Ok so I don’t want to ramble on about my DQ woes, but I do feel that it’s necessary to let you all know that 2 out of the 3 Dairy Queens that we called on Saturday night are not yet carrying the Tagalong Blizzard.
We called the neighborhood DQ in Rosenberg first, although we fully expected for them to disappoint us. And so it was fitting that the woman Brian spoke to treated him as if he were a complete moron for thinking that the new BOTM was the Tagalong Blizzard. She laughed at him and said, “Um, that was 2 months ago!” First of all, jerk, the Tagalong was originally from July—FOUR months ago. And second of all, get with the program because your commercials and website are all advertisting that the Tagalong is back for November. Rude.

We called the next closest DQ after that let-down only to reach a woman that clearly was—surprise!—not familiar with the English language. We did manage to decipher the phrase “Pumpkin Pie Blizzard,” so they are apparently not carrying the Tagalong yet either.

So we did what any logical young married couple would do at 7 pm on a Friday night… we drove 30 minutes away to the next closest DQ. And hallelujah, praise the Lord, I got my Tagalong Blizzard! And for those of you who like to know all of the details, Brian got an Oreo Blizzard. So now you have all the facts.

Remember that time that I said I don’t want to ramble on about my DQ woes? Oops.

In other (unexciting) news, I picked my car up from the dealership yesterday and thankfully they fixed whatever was causing the check engine line to come on. However, they were also supposed to figure out what was causing my moon roof to mysteriously open and close on its own. Their diagnosis? “We’re really not too sure about that… it’s a real head-scratcher.”

Um. Is that really what I paid the $95 “check-out” fee for you to determine? And while we’re asking questions, isn’t determining the cause of the problem your entire job? I’m pretty sure that 10 minutes on google would give me a more helpful diganosis than that.

When did I become that girl that only blogs about her complaints with customer service? Please forgive me.

I don’t have anything else more exciting to say for now so I’ll just have to leave you with that. Feel free to share any frustrating customer service issues of your own!


Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

There is nothing more annoying than employees that dont even know jack poop about their establishment. Grrr. If only everyone was as smart as us!

Angela said...

I love that you actually called Dairy Queen to see what the BOTM was. More than one Dairy Queen even!

I'm pretty sure you've eaten more blizzards in the time I've been reading your blog than I've eaten in my whole life....and I mean that as a compliment :)

The Blogivers said...

Deeee Quuuuu... that's what I like about Tex-as.

Anonymous said...

So my hubby and I were out Friday night and decided to get ice cream....naturally I mentioned that DQ had Tagalong blizzards as BOTM. My hubs (who absolutely loves Tagalongs) looked at me and asked how in the world I knew that....and I had to laugh bc I read it on a your blog! So thanks for blogging about saved our date night!! Hahaha :)

The Joiners said...

Ha I'm so glad my pathetic obsession saved someone's date night! Finally this blog has been put to good use! :)

Bonnie said...

Maybe you should call the rep who posted a comment on your blog the other day and tell them about the idiotic person who "checked out" your car...

That's ridiculous...Sorry I don't like poor customer service either.

Tasha said... like you, I am a HUGE fan of Dairy Queen...especially the Blizzards. At my local DQ, the Tagalong Blizzard was the BOM in August and I would go quite frequently (probably more frequently than was necessary) :) but I would order it with chocolate in it...and let me tell you...AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it!