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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween, Join-iver style

Get it? Joiner + Olivers = Joiniver? Leave me alone, it was the best I could come up with on a Monday.

So just in case you were wondering how we spent this year’s Pumpkin Day, wonder no longer, because a full explanation follows…

We started the day off at the dog park, which would have been great if it hadn’t rained all of last week. Saturday was beautiful outside, but the park still hadn’t dried up, so essentially it was a mud pit. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy a good mud pit, it’s just that I prefer not to stomp around in it, or have to corral our dogs after they’ve been romping around in it.

The experience, however, was made slightly more enjoyable by having the opportunity to watch Rocky frolic around the small dog park. And when I say “frolic,” I mean sprint in circles for half an hour around the other small dogs (who seemed a little terrified by Rocky’s ADHD behavior) until the point of exhaustion.

After cleaning up from our morning adventure (which was no small feat considering the amount of mud caked both on our dogs and our shoes), we embarked on a new and slightly more daunting adventure—that of taking Allison’s and Wade’s Christmas card picture.

Wade and Brian will both be quick to tell you that taking a Christmas card picture with wives like us is not an enjoyable experience. Sure, they have smiles plastered on their faces, but don’t buy it—they are suffering greatly and enduring quite possibly hundreds of pose changes and critiques in the meantime. “Um, why do you keep looking like Dwight from ‘The Office?’,” or “Do you want people to think you’re gay?” are not uncommon statements from us when trying to capture that perfect holiday photo.

Fortunately for Brian, I decided to go with a montage of photos (well, 3 of them) from the past year, so he somehow received a free pass from having to undergo another grueling photo session this year. Wade, however, was not so lucky. Nor was Rocky.

Ok if we’re going to be honest, I am probably much more difficult of a subject than Allison is—she was particular, yes, and we easily took 100 photos before getting the right one(s)—but she issued no death threats AND she and Wade were still on speaking terms when the session ended. Which is more than I can say for Brian’s and my Christmas card 2008 attempt from last year. It wasn’t pretty.

So this wasn't a Christmas card photo attempt- just thought we'd take one "for fun" while we were photographing the Olivers

We took a nice break during picture-taking for lunch at The Flying Pig in Richmond. Our waiter was dressed up AND we got free candy for dessert, so any other details are really irrelevant, wouldn’t you say?
The Olivers at the Flying Pig Cafe

Afterwards Allison and I did a little premature Christmas shopping (we like to plan ahead, ok?) while the boys played on their respective laptops and listened to the A&M game online. And in case you missed the memo, A&M won ANOTHER game. Yes, that’s right, 2 games in a row, and against teams that I’ve actually heard of, no less. Pretty pathetic that I find that to be impressive, I know, but we’ll take what we can get!

Our friends, the Higginses and Cruikshanks, came over for dinner that night. We played a few rounds of Catch Phrase (shockingly, the boys won—but don’t worry, we’ll be having a rematch one day), a round of charades, and then split up so the girls could chat and the boys could play Guitar Hero. Meanwhile, I managed to consume at least double the amount of candy/dessert that I had originally planned on eating. Why restrain yourself when you can go to bed feeling like you just swallowed a brick of sugar?

Brian as a creepy 80s trainer and me as a thug... I imagine this is what a Thug Passion snow cone would look like in human form
Allison as a janitor and Wade as Brett MichaelsStephen & Katie as giant babies... they loved those pacifiers, seriously!
Bryan & Kristen as Bob & Jillian from The Biggest Loser... thankfully they were much less angry and intimidating than the real ones :)Rocky showing off his argyle fire hydrant sweater... and his exhaustion

And despite the extra hour of sleep granted to us by the time change, the weekend still left me exhausted… which is precisely why I was in my pj’s by 6:30 pm yesterday and in bed by 8 pm. It’s tough acting like an elderly person, but someone has to do it.

And in case you were wondering, in our marriage, that someone is clearly me, because my ADD husband stayed up until 1 am playing video games. How does he do it? I’ll never know, but I’m pretty sure he is fueled almost entirely by macaroni and cheese… much like an 8-year-old. But hey, he’s my 8-year-old :)


The Blogivers said...

Good recap! And speaking of Rocky's scary ADHD behavior, someone may or may not currently be barking and jumping up at the counters trying to get food...

Annie said...

I LOVE mac and cheese. It's funny really because just last night I went to HEB solely to get mac & cheese and checked out with 10 boxes of them. I happened to get the same check out guy that I got the LAST time I was there getting mac and cheese and he asked me, "you must really like mac and cheese huh?" it was pretty funny! maybe this would be a good blog post...anyways, my second thing is, i want one of these christmas cards! whether you email it or blog it to all of your blog friends, i want to see the cards that causes all the fuss! :)