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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Youth group kids and pregnancy tests... fortunately not even remotely related in this post

ETA: Just to clarify, I am not pregnant, nor have I been taking pregnancy tests, contrary to what the title might suggest!

Buenos dias, amigos. Well, “amigas” would probably be more accurate, being that my only male reader is Brian, and I’m pretty sure he reads more out of obligation than anything else. He’ll argue otherwise, however, because that’s what good husbands do.

And anyway, I won’t go into much detail re-capping our rather uneventful weekend, but I did want to share some of the highlights. So sit back and pretend to be interested.

We bought new tires for my car! Ok, that sentence doesn’t really deserve an exclamation point, but the amount of money spent does, so I felt it was necessary. It actually wasn’t that bad, but it’s always hard to dish out hundreds of dollars on ugly pieces of rubber when that money would be so much better spent elsewhere… like on a lifetime supply of ice cream.

We also spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, we usually cook and eat at home throughout the week, but usually on the weekends we like to pay someone else to prepare food for us… especially if that involves tortilla chips and anything with cheese on top. This weekend, however, we made cookies, muffins, scrambled eggs (twice!), and dinner for the week. Ok that doesn’t seem like much now that I’m typing it out, but trust me, we were in the kitchen way more than normal.

And why were we being so domestic, you ask? Well I’ll tell you. In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I spent a little over a year working as an intern for the Student Ministries Department (fancy term for “youth group”) at my home church in Austin. It was a wonderful job, minus the fact that it paid almost nothing and resulted in my gaining 10 pounds.

If you know anything about teenagers, you know that they like to eat… a lot. And therefore almost all of the “ministering” that I did included food. Hence the 10 extra pounds. That also happened to be the year that I traveled for Chi Omega, and because the easiest way for a chapter to impress an intimidating National Consultant was to stuff her with food, I will also blame that job for the extra padding that I put on.

So back to the point—the group of girls that I happened to get the closest to in my time as an intern was the (at the time) freshmen girls. When I started at the church, they were actually fresh out of 8th grade. And now here we are, 4 years (and lots of high school drama that I admittedly love to hear about) later, and they just graduated from high school. Thankfully I have kept in touch with some of them (thank you, facebook!) and we are still good buddies today.

So two of them—Sarah and Amy—took a mini road trip on Friday night to the wonderful town of Richmond to visit! Fortunately they were only here for around 15 hours—8 of which were spent sleeping—which is exactly the amount of time it takes to see all that Richmond has to offer. Ok I’m kidding, we didn’t have nearly enough time to go get Thug Passion snow cones, hit up the dollar stores*, or take a swim in the Brazos Swamp/River. We did, however, have enough time to eat Mexican food and catch up with my living room.

Another fun fact—remember when I wrote this post about my friend Beth, the Dietitian? Well she also interned at the church with me, and happens to live in Houston (and happens to have been raised in the Rich-Rose area!), so she joined us to hang out as well. She was also kind enough to buy our dinner, so thanks, Beth!

So yes, we had a fun time catching up on where everyone is going to college, who is dating whom, and all of the other important scoop. I was sad they had to leave so soon, but I’m sure we’ll reunite some time soon.

*Ok and I just have to mention one other highlight from the weekend: Brian’s sister, Shannon, is at Camp T Bar M for the summer, and as is tradition, we decided to send her a package of random crap that she doesn’t really need. So where better to go than the Dollar Store, right? So after we picked out the necessary items (finger puppets and giant purple sunglasses, to name a few), we stood in line to check out. And that is where I noticed (where the gum and candy usually are) pregnancy and ovulation tests, each on sale for—you guessed it—only one dollar.

I’m sorry, but seriously? Though I may be frugal, I am aware that there are some occasions in life which warrant spending an extra buck or two, and a pregnancy test most definitely falls on that list. Why don’t they start selling HIV test kits for a dollar as well? Because who needs to be sure about something like that? Listen, peeps, if you can’t afford a pregnancy test anywhere except the dollar store, you are going to be in some big financial trouble when the baby comes. I’m just sayin'.

I had big plans of devoting an entire blog to the topic of “Things you probably shouldn’t purchase at the Dollar Store,” but am not feeling motivated enough. So instead, please feel free to comment and leave your suggestion of what might go on that list. And if you’re lucky, I just might copy and paste them all into a list and make it into a top 10 list.


Leah said...

Wow. I think Matt might secretly hope that I had gotten all of my pregnancy tests at the dollar store - not gonna lie.

Angela said...

I got new tires on my car this weekend, too! Strange. And I also would have considered buying pregnancy tests at the dollar store, but I'm not so sure I would have believed the results either way.

One last thing -- the next time you have the word "pregnancy" or "pregnant" or anything else having to do with babies in the title of your blog, you need to state within the first two sentences if any of this relates to you personally. That will save me several seconds of sweating and the trouble of having to quickly skim your entire post to find an answer.

Wow. It is so weird to me how I can care so much about another person's life when I really only know you through the internet world. Sorry if I creep you out a bit :)

The Blogivers said...

Here is my list: tampons, a watch, meat, clothing, alcohol. There are many others, but those are just some that came to mind.

Annie said...

I have been meaning to tell you, on my way home on Sunday from Corpus Christi, I DEFINITELY stopped at a Dairy Queen (was I hungry? no. but that's irrelevant) and purchased a medium Tagalong Blizzard as well as an entire meal of food. Oops! Anyways, the blizzard was amazing, as is usual, and I totally thought of you the entire time!

Kari said...

So weird. My kids and I LITERALLY just walked in from the dollar store. Dollar Tree to be exact. I also noticed the pregnancy tests at the checkout. Kinda made me sad......

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Did your dance team go to TBbar M for line camp? Cause we did... and that alone just brought back oh so many memories of dancing on the indoor tennis court whilst learning football halftime routines.

Christina Spinella said...

Fresh veggies really have no place at the dollar store in my opinion - the Conroe 99 Cents store sells the multi colored bell peppers, among other veggies!!

Also - where is the T Bar M ranch? That sounds so familiar - I think I had church pre teen camp there way back in the day...

Beth said...

Thanks for the shout Amanda Jane! And for the yumm-o cookies I didn't need to inhale. Its probably better we don't see each other daily anymore, we're both a lot thinner!