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Friday, July 31, 2009

True Life: Brian and Amanda

So in honor of our upcoming 2nd wedding anniversary, I have posted the answers to your questions below. Thanks to those of you that participated!

Make sure not to read this right now if you have anywhere to be in the very near future, because I'm afraid it's not so much on the brief side :o) Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Allison asked:

When are you moving to Austin?

That’s a great question. I would love to move back to Austin some day to be near my fam, but for now and the unforeseeable future, we are planted in Richmond. So have no fear, readers, my townie tales won’t be disappearing any time soon.

When are you planning on having kids, and how do you plan on naming any and all of them after me?

Great job pretending that (a) you don't already know the answer to this and (b) don't have the exact same answer yourself, sis! We are thinking in 1.5-2 years. My preference (and by default, Brian’s as well) is Spring 2011 for the arrival of baby # 1. But I guess we’ll just wait and see!

And as for naming them after you, I just don’t think “Butt Face” and “Stupid” are good names for children, do you?

Gary and Allison asked:

Do you fart in front of each other?

Only Gary would ask this question. And I am pleading the 5th primarily because I just never know who is reading this thing… and my mom would die if she knew this was discussed on my blog for all the internet to read. I will, however, say that this was one of my biggest fears about getting married/living with someone!

What's your favorite part about being married?

Having someone fun to hang out with 24 hours a day! This probably drives Brian insane, but I like having someone around to keep me constantly entertained. Deep down, he likes it too… he just pretends that he needs alone time so that he can play video games.

What's your least favorite part about being married?

Having to share the money in the clothing budget. HA, kidding, I pretty much hog that every month anyway.

But to actually answer your question, there is nothing in my life that has ever made me as aware of how selfish I am as marriage does. I know it’s a good thing for me to be made aware of my shortcomings, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it!

Risa asked:

Who cooks the most?

Probably me, but Brian also does his fair share. Actually, I typically do most of the cooking, and he does most of the re-heating… which he does very well, with the exception of the great Tex-Mex Calzone incident of 2008 in which he re-heated our calzones in the oven for AN HOUR.

And just in case you were curious, we generally cook dinner for the week (something that makes 4-8 servings) on Sunday night, and then eat it throughout the week. And no, we don’t mind eating the same meal 2-4 times in a week... or at least I don’t mind and Brian pretends not to mind in order to maintain peace in the house. :o)

What has been the most pleasant surprise about being married...something you weren't expecting?

This is so not the romantic response you were probably looking for, but I have been pleasantly surprised at how un-messy Brian is! I totally expected to be picking up after him all the time, but that really is rarely the case. Now don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t always meet my anal retentive standards of cleanliness, but thankfully I don’t spend my days picking up rogue socks on the living room floor like I anticipated doing. Again, Brian maintaining peace in the house… do you see a trend here?

Angela asked:

Who does the paying of the bills or is this a responsibility that you share?

Any bills that are auto paid come out of his checking account (just because we keep more money in his checking account—we move most of mine to savings), but any bills that have to be manually paid on a monthly basis are taken care of by yours truly. Let’s just say that one of us has a slightly greater ability to remember things than the other. And I’ll give you a hint and let you know that her name starts with an “A”… unless you are talking about useless information or sports trivia, and in that case, his name starts with a “B.”

Leah asked:

(Apparently on the same wavelength as Gary) Do you go to the bathroom in front of each other?

No, and not so much because we are modest, but I think we just both close the door out of habit? I'll tell you who has no shame in going to the bathroom in front of us, however- Noah and Buster.

Do you split the chores/who does what?

Yes, thankfully we split them! There are some things that Brian typically takes care of (taking out the trash, killing the bugs, feeding the dogs), and some that I typically take care of (cooking, laundry, meal-planning). But we pretty much divide and conquer with the cleaning… although he typically vacuums and mops because vacuuming makes me sweat profusely, and I HATE MOPPING with a fiery passion. I honestly would rather clean toilets than mop. And similarly, Brian for whatever reason has no interest in dusting, so that one always falls on me.

Desiree asked:

What do you guys argue about the most?

What makes you think we argue? HA! But seriously, I would say that 98% of our arguments stem out of Brian accidentally forgetting to do something and me majorly overreacting about it. That pretty much sums up every argument we have.

Specifically, the number one topic that has produced arguments for us is Brian’s reimbursements at work. They are the bane of my existence—seriously. This is how it normally works:

1. Brian spends money on something that he needs to be reimbursed for (this usually occurs every week or every other week).
2. I begin hounding Brian about keeping the receipt and submitting the reimbursement.
3. Brian forgets.
4. Brian finally gets the reimbursement and I begin hounding him about depositing it into this account AND making note of it in our budget.
5. Brian forgets.
6. I scream and yell and act like I am mentally unstable. Brian is offended by my rage.
7. We make up.

Repeat 2 weeks later.

What do you do to make sure things stay fresh and romantic?

Ha ha I am laughing at the thought of describing our marriage as “fresh and romantic”… although in its own way it is, I just think of us more as “weird and amusing.” But on that note, I think the most important thing for us, personally, is to always be able to laugh, and fortunately we do a lot of that. It keeps us (me) from taking life too seriously.

Annie asked:

What was the biggest shocker you faced once you were married? (You can name several if you so desire.)

So this is kind of similar to Risa’s question, but I think I can dig up a different response :o)

Ok so this sounds strange, but I think one of the biggest surprises was that not much really changed after we got married. Ok so yes, we were married and moved in together and there were a lot of external changes, but our relationship didn’t really change that much. I think I had this notion that once we were married, we would automatically be much more grown-up and have a totally different relationship. But the reality is that we still act like 12-year-olds most of the time (that’s probably being generous), still have the same arguments, still go on the same types of dates, and I still feel like we are just “playing house” most days!

What's your favorite memory since being married?

Going on vacations together! Since we didn’t live or really travel together before we were married, I was really excited to be able to do that once we got hitched. It makes me feel like a grown-up when I check into a hotel with my husband and not my parents—ha! So far we have been to Mexico, Washington DC, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Chicago, and a few other Texas road trips in between.

But I have also really enjoyed just the “everyday” of our lives—taking the dogs on walks, eating dinner together every night, decorating our house for Christmas, going to the grocery store together… or at least I’ve enjoyed going to HEB with him, not so much Wal-mart.

What's the hardest part about being married?

Continually showing mercy and grace. I am bad at both of these, as indicated above by my short temper. It is really hard to forgive someone for the same thing over and over and over again and not hold it against that person. AND it is very convicting when that same person is constantly forgiving me and not holding a grudge… it makes me feel like a real jerk when I don’t return the favor :o)

How do y'all make sure you are communicating effectively and efficiently? (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. We will never master the art of communication. But any tips help!)

Hmm… well that would be assuming that we do communicate effectively and efficiently—haha! This sounds very simple, but I think the main thing is making sure that we DO communicate! We have run into some real trouble when I have thought things were going to go a certain way but never communicated it to him (ie: plans for the weekend, or an errand that needed to be taken care of)… apparently he can’t read minds? Who would have thought?


Angela said...

That was a very enjoyable post! Thanks for sharing all of your little secrets!

The Blogivers said...

You're the stupid butt face, jerk head!

Kelly said...

sounds like we will be last to have children!

Annie said...

Loved the post!

Apparently, I asked a lot of questions!

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