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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A tale of two cheapos

Once again, we are overjoyed to be getting some RAIN here in the H-town area. Our nearly dead plants are equally grateful, though it’s hard to tell that by looking at their wilted leaves and brown coloring. Oops. I guess our first attempt at gardening would have been better attempted in a season that didn’t consist of record high temperatures and a drought. The extra great news is that the temperature is not supposed to go above a chilly 96 degrees today- break out the winter coats, everyone!

Brian and I made a very pathetic attempt to go running outside this morning rather than make our normal Tuesday pilgrimage to the YMCA. If you consider running for 5 minutes and walking the remaining 25 minutes to be a success, then I would say that our efforts were quite successful. We really did have good intentions, but I’m telling you that the humidity was so thick that it made normal breathing difficult, so you can imagine how running-breathing was working out for us.

The upside is that Brian felt so sweaty and gross after our (fake) run that he decided to shower before spending the morning lounging on the couch and watching Man vs. Wild. I have no problem with him spending his morning that way, but I will say that I would prefer him to lounge on the furniture when he’s freshly-showered versus fresh-off-of-the-used-gym-equipment-at-the-YMCA. I have a feeling most of you would agree.

And my last rambling for the day: Because everyone loves a good “stick it to the man” story, I have to tell you all about our recent vacuum purchase. You see, we have been using the same Dirt Devil that I purchased at Target for the past 3 years. This Dirt Devil is terribly ineffective, and has a habit of just kind of moving the dirt around rather than sucking it up. And don’t even get me started on its inability to eliminate doodle bugs. So we recently made the decision that it was time to replace our crap-vac and go with something that would actually make the house feel clean.

My parents are proud owners of a Dyson, and I have seen its life-changing effects firsthand. I have also seen its price tag firsthand. But after much debating and consulting of the all-knowing Consumer Reports, we decided that a Dyson would be a worthy investment and well worth every penny… or so we hoped.

So when we were in Austin this weekend, the boys meandered into Best Buy while Allison and I were shopping. We met up with them when we were finished, and after Wade and Brian finished a rather embarrassingly loud round of Rock Band in the store, we wandered over to the vacuums.

To make this unnecessarily long story short, we ended up buying an “Open Item” Dyson that was discounted from the original price. Basically an “Open Item” is supposed to be an item that was opened and returned to the store, but NOT one that is broken or otherwise defective.

So we excitedly took our new Dyson home and Brian opened it up as soon as we made it back to Richmond on Sunday… only to find that it was BROKEN. Hmm, I wonder why the people returned it in the first place? So anyway, he took it back to Best Buy only for them to say, “Ok we’ll take it back, but if you want to exchange it, you’ll have to pay the full original price.” Um. No. It’s not our fault that you tried to sell us a broken vacuum.

So what did we do? Took our business elsewhere. But here’s the best part—the cheapest price we could find online was at Sears, BUT we wanted to use a $50 discount card that we recently received in the mail from Conn’s. So because Conn’s does a price match guarantee (so does Best Buy, but too bad, suckers, we already wrote you off), we were able to get it at the Sears price PLUS we still got the $50 discount off of that. So BOO-YA, Best Buy, and your defective merchandise.

I realize this is possibly the most boring story you have read on my blog, so I hope you’ll forgive me. But be prepared soon to read a blog about how amazing the Dyson is and how much it has changed our lives. In the meantime, I expect you all to be on the edge of your seats in anticipation.


Angela said...

Oh my goodness! I have a story similar to this about Best Buy only it was a camera! We decided a while ago that we are never shopping there again. That is the most frustrating, customer-UN-friendly store ever!

Kelly and Andrew said...

I wrote about our Dyson purchase a few months ago! We got it from Bed Bath and Beyond and got to use a 20% discount coupon (the kind that comes in the mail allll the time) and saved $80! Did you not check there? Have fun with your Dyson, we love ours!

The Joiners said...

Kelly- yes, we did think about that, BUT with the Sears discount ($60 off the original price) PLUS the $50 off at Conn's, it was even cheaper. Great deal!

Sean and Stephanie said...

We got a Dyson about two years ago, and our lives have never been the same.

Totally worth every penny if you have carpet in your house!

And running or walking gets major props in my book when done before the sun is up. Even your walking makes me feel lazy because all I did was roll out of bed and head to the coffee maker.......

Chrissy said...

girrrrllll...ive been blogging about toothpaste so your vacuum stories are are a guaranteed notch up from it loud & proud!

Jane said...


Annie said...

I just now realized (but then again, I don't know how I would have known this before I started blog stalking you two) that you got married 1 day before (& one year later) than your sister! How clever! Was that planned?

Annie said...

And, yay! I'm excited y'all got a Dyson! They are the best things ever!!

Also, how early do y'all wake up in the mornings to work out? I am so terrible at waking up...maybe you can be my inspiration!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I am so so so jealous of your Dyson. Seriously I have been dreaming of one for years now!

Kari said...

No fair. I've been married 13 yrs and have not a dyson....grrr.