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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to look stupid in front of aforementioned friends

So I’m sure you’re all wondering how the night of wedding reminiscing went. Let me first say that SOMEONE (cough cough KATIE cough cough) did not wear her wedding dress as promised. So you can imagine how cool I felt spending the evening in my “going away” wedding dress, wedding jewelry, and heels while they lounged comfortably in shirts and shorts. I really didn’t mind, but I did look pretty silly. And to get revenge, I ate all of the tortilla chips that Kristen so kindly put out so that no one else could have any. So take that, girls! :o)

We did have a fun time going through our wedding albums and chit chatting—such a fun time that we actually didn’t end up having time to watch our videos. Technically we did have time, but being that we didn’t decide to watch them until 9:15, this grandma had to peace out and insist that we watch the videos another time. I know, I know, I need to get over my curfew. But there is just no way that I can go to bed any later than 10, wake up at 5:15 the next morning, and still function properly. Which is precisely why I turned off my alarm this morning, re-set it for 40 minutes later, and went back to sleep. I know, I am SUCH a rebel!

Oh, and I also need to mention that Kristen and Bryan’s house is really cute, and I came very close to dying of jealous when I went into their master bathroom only to find that they have a separate shower and tub and TWO sinks. TWO SINKS PLUS SINK SPACE. And they had a really sweet new washer and dryer set. I started to throw a tantrum but the girls quickly reminded me that my housing—though somewhat outdated—is free, so I stopped. Isn’t it funny, though, to think about the things you get jealous of as a young newlywed—bathrooms and home appliances? Whatever happened to the days when you would die of jealousy over your friend’s Barbie Dream House or her totally awesome pink 10-speed Schwinn bike? I miss those days.

Ok and lastly, on a completely unrelated note, there is this incredibly annoying commercial for Moody Gardens in Galveston that has been playing lately during the morning news. Basically they are showing off all of the cool educational activities you can do at Moody Gardens, and so they show a few clips of kids at the end to prove their point that learning is fun (right). And at one point, they show a clip of this little girl who YELLS, “DO BUTTAHFLIES LIKE BUTTAH?!”

Besides the fact that she can’t say her “r”s, there is really no need for her to scream at the tv like that. It leaves my ears ringing with that phrase all day long. And also, I don’t think I was ever so young or unaware that I thought butterflies actually had anything to do with butter. Yes, I’m aware that I am currently criticizing a preschooler… I’m going to be a great mom, right? Anyway, if you ever want me to do my impression of the little girl, please let me know and I would be happy to assist.

And just in case my motivation to continue my daily blogging streak ceases over the next few days, I wanted to make sure and wish you all a very happy 4th of July! Make sure to eat a lot so that we’ll have something to talk about when I get back on Sunday. Oh, and in case you are dying to know our plans—we’re headed to Austin for the weekend. Hooray!


Angela said...

I do not live anywhere near Galveston, and will probably never get to see that commercial. Therefore, you need to video tape it and your impression of the little girl and post it here. Thanks.

Also, the thing with you being the only one wearing your fancy clothes -- that is sooo something that would happen to me. I hope you gave them a really hard time about that.

Also, also, I cannot believe the willpower you show at leaving your friend's house in order to go to bed at a decent hour. I regularly pay the price for being talked into staying up way too late.

Wow. This is a long comment.

Kelly and Andrew said...

I get jealous too!! I don't understand how people my age have brand new houses with brand new furniture and granite countertops!!!!!!