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Friday, July 10, 2009

Do you remember the time?

(That's right, the title is another nod to MJ... I'm on a roll.)

I am posting this picture to remind people (me) that at one point in time, the temperature was (consistently) below 100 degrees in the Houston area. I was wearing a turtleneck, and I’m pretty sure I was still cold. Those were good times.

(This picture also provides proof that my eyes stay red pretty much from November until February… guess it’s the cold/dry combo?)

And I know this is really terribly wrong of me, but when I was watching the weather forecast on the news this morning (summary: unbearably hot from now until eternity with no rain in sight), I found myself wishing for another hurricane. Don’t judge me—you know you’ve thought the same thing.

Also, I wanted to share a fun Friday fact with you: I ask (read: force) Brian to read every blog that I write out loud to me. And then I usually get frustrated because he is not using the proper intonation when reading my writing, but that’s beside the point. Do any of you do this to your husband/significant other, or am I insane?


The Blogivers said...

No, no one else does that and yes, you are insane.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

At times I have to remind Derek that I even have a blog... sigh

Angela said...

I get really upset if Dustin doesn't comment on a post. If a post is up for like an hour and I think he hasn't read it, I start sending him text messages and e-mails making sure that he knows that I need to know he cares!

Kari said...

I don't have a blog so......The red eye thing caught my attention. Mine have been like that since Dec, JUST NOW starting to clear up. My husband says I look hung over every day...nice.

Leah said...

I usually post first and then force Matt to read it in my presence, but not out loud. Then every time he laughs I ask what he's laughing at and if he doesn't laugh, I harass him about it and end up accusing him of lacking a sense of humor or something really sweet like that.