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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Customer service at its finest... again

I have had the lyrics to assorted Michael Jackson songs stuck in my head for days now. Is anyone else having this problem? I shared this with my co-workers this morning, only to have them sing new MJ songs that are now stuck in my head. No one wants to beat it, beat it… I wanna rock with you (all night)… it’s after midnight…

Ok moving along.

So we went to the Y this morning (despite Brian’s sincere suggestion that we give running another try… unfortunately I’m not interested in trying that again until October) and I hopped on the treadmill. I started my warm-up and, as it always does, the treadmill prompted me to enter my weight and age. And because I pride myself in my ability to follow directions, I did as instructed and entered “105*” and “26” accordingly.

*105 might or might not be a total and complete lie.

And the response, as it always does, stated that my weight and age were accepted. And my question is this—does anyone ever enter his/her weight and age only to have the treadmill reply with, “WRONG! Rejected! Try again.” Or, “Whoa, you are way too fat to be on here—get off or make up a new weight.” Or maybe even, “16 years old and you’re working out? Go home and mindlessly stuff your face with Cheetoh puffs while you can still get away with it.” Orrrrrrr maybe I’m the only one that thinks the treadmill telling me my weight and age were “accepted” is weird.

And on that note, I have always thought it was amusing when the little credit card swiping machine asks you if the amount you are being charged is acceptable and makes you click “ok.” I understand that they are just making sure you know what the amount of the charge is, but still, every time I read that, I kind of want to respond with, “No! This is not acceptable!” and start bartering for a lower price. Somehow I don’t think it would work…

And just an update on the Dyson for those of you who are interested—I should have clarified that we (Brian) paid for it and ordered it at the store on Monday, but we don’t actually have it in our possession yet. We are actually going to Conn’s to pick it up tomorrow, so I had Brian call today just to confirm that it had arrived to the store as scheduled.

And apparently the reason that Conn’s has low prices is because they don’t exactly employ the sharpest tools in the shed to work there if you know what I’m saying. Brian said he was put on hold 4 or 5 times, each time with a new employee picking up the phone minutes later to ask whom he was holding for, and at one point was informed that yes, the mattress he ordered had arrived. Well that would be great if the mattress had an amazing ability to suck up dirt and leave our carpets looking like new.

Anyway, he finally spoke with someone who confirmed that our Dyson had, in fact, arrived, but informed him that he “had better hurry up and come get it.” Um, excuse me? He politely reminded the employee that not only did we specifically place the order for that particular vacuum, but that we also had already paid for it in full. Apparently they reluctantly agreed that this was a fair argument and said they would “make a special mark on it so no one would take it.” Well that’s comforting.

So we may or may not be picking up our new Dyson tomorrow. Or coming home with an extra mattress—it’s anyone’s guess at this point.


Angela said...

I liked the very randomness of this post. It made me smile, and I really needed to smile today.

The Blogivers said...

I'll take the mattress!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

my heart fell out of my butt when you said you weighed 105. I was going to get on the treadmill and stay on until my 42nd birthday.