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Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to life, back to reality

So there were a few events that occurred this weekend that were so unusual that they made me wonder if I was, in fact, dreaming up the entire weekend. And because I like to share (my thoughts, that is… I’m not good at sharing anything else), I will relay these events to you below:

1. It rained. More than once. I’m not lying—I used my umbrella out of actual necessity rather than just wishful thinking.

2. I stayed in bed on Saturday until 11 am. I didn’t work out, and I even ate my breakfast in bed while watching some cheesy movie with Brian. We had big plans to not get up and dressed until lunch time, but around 11, I started to feel sorry for our hungry dogs and abandoned ship to go feed them. But still, I was impressed with my ability to be intentionally lazy!

3. Brian suggested that we go to the outlet mall to go shopping. Seriously—without any prompting. Guess he was still trying to make up for the great cookie disappointment that occurred on Thursday :o)

4. The Comcast repair guy (a) showed up for his appointment to fix our DVR box, and (b) it was during the actual specified time frame, and (c), he actually fixed the problem. This might have been the most shocking event of them all.

There were some other very believable events that took place which assured me that the weekend was not entirely imaginary… including the consumption of sweet potato fries, frozen yogurt, and a pizookie from BJ’s—3 things I would definitely remember.

This week, however, promises to be depressingly realistic, as evidenced by the fact that my alarm went off at 5:17 this morning. Such is the life of a working woman, I suppose.

Ok that’s really all I have for you on this lovely Monday… hope your weekends were equally hard to believe!

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