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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I spoke (typed?) too soon.

I found another roach this morning. Unlike Saturday’s visitor, this one was very much alive… until I beat him to death with a broom. I use the term “death” lightly, however, as he was still kind of squirming when I swept him into the dust pan and threw him the trash. But we all know that cockroaches are invincible and never really die, so I’m sure he’ll show up again. And by the way, does anyone else find it hard to think of a cockroach as being a female? I’m sure there is some deep psychological meaning behind this (ie: I think boys are yucky?), but I think of all roaches as being male. And there’s your fun insight into my brain for the day.

In other news, I ate a tasty bowl of Raisin Bran dust today. That’s right, I was down to the bottom of the box, and although there was just barely enough for a full bowl even with all of the dust, I wasn’t about to waste our hard-earned money* and not eat it. The dust quickly turned into clumps when I poured the milk in… I’m not really making my breakfast sound very enjoyable, am I? Trust me, it was still tasty.

*Speaking of hard-earned money, Brian is in Galveston on a mission trip with the youth group currently. I talked to him twice yesterday, and one of the times he was in the middle of a game of Yahtzee, and the other time, he was in the middle of a game of Clue. And I believe this week’s plans also include a trip to Schlitterbahn. I’m sure there will be plenty of house demolition and construction mixed in, but that won’t stop me from sulking about the fact that I’m stuck killing roaches at 6 am while Brian is floating around the lazy river.

And even though I promised to share the story about the ants with you, it is really boring so I’m going to spare you the details. Here is the shortened version: the dogs took their bowl—still half full of food—out into the yard and it was left there overnight, so when I picked it up in the morning (at 5:15 am- still very dark!) it was covered in ants. I didn’t realize this until they were covering my hands and trying to eat my flesh. Awesome.

And also, I forgot to mention yesterday that it was Dairy Queen’s birthday AND Take Your Dog to Work Day. My sister-in-law, Shannon, made me aware of these great holidays, so I thought I would make sure to share them with you. No, I did not bring Noah and Buster to work, because I value my pay check and am certain I would stop receiving it after Buster ate someone’s files and Noah peed on someone’s office chair. And no, I didn’t eat Dairy Queen yesterday, because there is something pathetic about stuffing your face with a Blizzard when you’re all by yourself. But don’t worry, I’ll celebrate soon enough.

That is all for today… if you’re lucky!


Annie said...

You need to get borac acid...or something of that sort. My mom swears by it! She put it around the garage (it's a white powder that is harmless to humans and animals...except bugs) and put it under areas (like the fridge, etc) that roaches or other creatures would crawl. Try it out!

Chrissy said... are living the week I had last week! (Husband gallivanting in Galveston with the youth group while you are eating cereal dust & killing roaches.)

Kari said...

So I start leaving comments and even become a "follower" and you stop posting. hmmm

The Joiners said...

My apologies, Kari- I have been a slacker! Don't worry- I'm back in action :)