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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have a feeling none of these topics will make me sound cool

I've mentioned before that Brian and I have quite a few (15+) imaginary friends (let’s call them “characters” so as not to offend them). Some of them appear on a daily basis, whereas others (ie: Russell, the snail) show up with less frequency. Regardless, they have become fixtures in our lives and many of our friends and family have come to know and love them as well.

I discovered recently, however, a few signs that are pretty good indicators that we spend too much time talking to/about our imaginary friends. Allow me to share:

You know you spend too much time talking to/about your imaginary friends…

… when your sister-in-law includes a picture of one of them on your birthday cake.
… when you wake your husband up to tell him goodbye in the morning and he mumbles incoherently to you in one of the character’s voices, not even realizing he’s not using his normal voice.
… when others call you on your cell phone and request to speak to one of the characters rather than to you.
… when you cover the characters’ ears when you say something indicating that they aren’t actually real, or something that might otherwise offend them.
… when your imaginary friends have an imaginary White Elephant Christmas gift exchange with your twin sister’s and her husband’s imaginary friends.

I am really not sure where all these characters came from? Allison and I did come up with some fictional characters in college (aka: the bobcat that lived in the Kappa parking lot, or the bird that lived at the Theta house (yes, you sense a theme here), or the Nalgene bottle named “Pat,” or her best friend, “Kelly,” the paper clip…). And I guess that happened to coincide with when we started dating Brian and Wade, so it only makes sense that these characters would develop and make new friends over time… right?

I know—we’re insane. I’m ok with that. And by the way, if any of you would like me to do a full post outlining each character with their likes, dislikes, personality traits, etc., I would be happy to do so. But I’m not going to do it unless I sense some interest in the topic, because I can only reveal my unusual behavior to a certain extent on the internet without prompting before I start to feel embarrassed. I have boundaries, believe it or not!

Anyway, here is the cookie cake that Shannon made me for my birthday. Please take note that Natalie, the duck whose face is made up of my left hand, is featured on the top right corner. And big props to Shannon for making this happen- it made my day, and perhaps more importantly, it made Natalie’s day. :o)

I also just wanted to share an amusing moment with y’all. Anyone else out there married to/dating/related to a video game junkie? I am most definitely married to one. Granted, his video game affinity has waned somewhat since we got married, but I can still guarantee you that if I left town for the weekend, a good majority of his time would be spent playing virtual baseball, Super Smash Brothers, or whatever the heck his other games are called.

So this past weekend, he decided that he had a few games he wanted to trade in at Game Stop. The important point of this story is that he got $14+ for them. The other equally important point of the story is that he took it in store credit so that he could put that money toward more video games, but anyway, let’s move along.

The salesman at Game Stop was perhaps the most stereotyipcal “gamer” that you could imagine—fair-skinned, didn’t make a lot of eye contact, and talked and looked very similar to Napoleon Dynamite with straightened hair. He was pretty mellow when we first arrived, but after he took a look at the first game Brian gave him, he exclaimed, “Skies of Arcadia?! Where did you find this? This is really rare. I’ve been looking for this game forever!” At this point, the on-looking 12-year-old chimed in and wanted to know why it was so cool. The salesman then explained that this gem of a game “launched sky battles” in the video game world, and talked about how it was awesome for various other significant reasons. Brian nodded in agreement (although he later confessed that he’s never played the game), and the kid looked on in awe.

Meanwhile, I tried desperately not to (a) laugh out loud and (b) remind these people that “sky battles” don’t exactly make for normal social conversation. But then again, I was on their turf, so I knew I had to shut my mouth. I was very impressed with my self-control. So anyway, Brian, Napoleon, and the 12-year-old continued chatting it up, talking about whether the X-box 360 is cooler than the PS3, how life-changing the new Wii motion-sensor controls are going to be, and a number of other fascinating topics while I pretended to be interested in the games on the wall behind me so that they wouldn’t see me smirking.

And yes, I made sure to make fun of Brian as soon as we walked out of the store, but I went easy on him because I was proud to find out that my video game-loving husband has yet to morph into a video game dork. But at least now I know for next time that I’m probably better off just staying in the car when Brian goes to Game Stop… unless, of course, he deems it appropriate to take CASH MONEY for those games and take his wifey out for DQ Blizzards. In which case I will gladly endure as much nerd talk as necessary.


Jane said...

I want to hear all about the characters!!!!! :)

The Blogivers said...

Hey, you didn't warn me that you were going to rat out me and my imaginary friends, too! As punishment, if you do a post about yours, you have to include ours.

Risa Holland said...

Do it! I want to hear!!

Annie said...

I want to know ALL about these characters! This is great!

Jenni said...

Ditto, Caswell. I wanna hear about your friends!

Chrissy said...

welp...glad the Trapps can reach a new level of weird with you. Our characters pretty much call the shots around here!

PartyWeDo said...

I love your story of imaginary friends doing a white elephant gift exchange.
Our family is very involved with virtual white elephant parties as well.

You sound like a fun group that might be interested in this type of white elephant gift exchange:

Leah said...

What makes for more normal social conversation, sky battles or imaginary friends? And, were your imaginary friends also smirking in the video game store?

PLEASE tell us about your friends. We won't laugh at you. Promise.

Beth said...

Yes, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell us all about your characters! You are such a nut!! :)

Brian Joiner said...

people, please realize that sky battles were revolutionary..... or at least that is what I was told.

Angela said...

I don't know how I missed this post. But believe me, had you not already posted about your friends I would have included my plea to hear all about them!!