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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I hate the sun.

It’s true. I know that the sun has a lot of beneficial qualities, blah blah blah, but right now, I hate it. And while I cannot blame my lack of blogging over the last 2 weeks on the sun, I can blame it for a headache that has lasted for approximately 10 days AND for the excessive amount of sweat that I have had to endure. And I’m not talking about justifiable sweat caused by working out or even walking the dogs (although I have experienced that as well)… I’m talking about sweat that comes as a result of walking less than 100 yards to my car after work, or as a result of sweeping the front porch for 3+ minutes. It’s ridiculous, people.

The good news, however, is that relief came last night in the form of RAIN! Actual drops of water fell from the sky and accumulated on the ground! I had almost forgotten what it was like, and I have never been so excited to hear thunder in my life. Dirka and Natalie, however, are deathly afraid of thunderstorms, so of course there was some chaos in the house when the storm rolled in. But hey, I will trade the irrational fear of our imaginary friends for 100+ degree weather and an ongoing drought any day.

And getting back to the real issue—my lack of blogging. I have no good excuse. Ok well I have one excuse: I have been ridiculously busy at work. The kind of busy where I am almost irritated that I have to eat lunch because it gets me off task. But don’t worry, I am never so irritated that I don’t eat lunch… and in fact, never so irritated that I don’t eat snacks throughout the rest of the day either. Food is clearly always high up on my priority list.

But anyway, it seems that I have typically been coming up with blogging material in my downtime at work, and now that the downtime has diminished, my only blogging outlet time would be after work. And if we’re going to be honest, when I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is use my brain, let alone form (debatably) coherent sentences. I think we can all agree that a much better way to spend the evening would be mindlessly stalking facebook while watching re-runs of Dawson’s Creek. Thank you, Netflix!

In other news, Brian is back! And in one piece! He has a plethora of bug bites from his mission trip to Galveston, and he is pretty sunburned (which is a violation of the only rule I gave him when he left—“Do NOT come back tanner than me.”), but he survived. And I really can’t be upset with him for violating that rule considering that Casper the Ghost is currently more tan than I am. But there comes a point in the summer in Houston where no amount of added skin pigment is worth suffering outside in the sun… and for me, that point is when the temperature goes above 95 degrees. Which unfortunately counts out 3/4 of the summer. Oh well.

I am also happy to report that Allison and my mom came to visit me this weekend and we had a great time! And I am measuring the weekend’s success almost entirely on the fact that we took 4 trips to Starbucks in the 36 hours that they were here—and if you know my mom and my sister, you know that any trip including 4 runs to Starbucks is a winner. In between caffeine runs, we did some shopping in Rice Village and Highland Village—both outdoor shopping areas. And also both areas that would be quite enjoyable between the months of September and April. We still had a good time, but there was one point where Allison and I were both fairly certain that we were going to burst into flames. Meanwhile, my mom has very little hair and seemed almost completely un-perturbed by the heat. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve lived in Texas for 59 years.

Have I complained about the heat enough yet?

One amusing moment of the weekend is when my mom stripped the sheets on the guest bed she had been sleeping in and asked me if I wanted her to put another set of sheets on the bed while we washed the used ones. I told her not to worry about it since we don’t have an extra set of sheets for the guest bed. And that’s when Betsy’s look of horror ensued. Allison said she could just see her brain spinning: “What?! They don’t have an extra set of sheets for the guest bed?! They are poorer than I thought! I know what Santa needs to bring someone this Christmas!”

My question is this—WHY couldn’t this conversation have taken place about our crappy vacuum cleaner or my completely worthless laptop instead? Those would be far more enjoyable pity purchases from mom in my opinion. But hey, I’ll take what I can get, because when you are battling 3 very cute grandchildren for Franny and Pop Pop’s attention/monetary donations, beggars can’t be choosers.

Ok that’s all for now, folks. I promise to be a better blogger in coming weeks, so hold me to that!


Kelly and Andrew said...

HA! I have NO extra sheets for any of our 3 beds. They get washed and put right back on the bed immediately! Too expensive...

The Blogivers said...

I wish I could have seen her brain spinning with, "Allison and Wade don't have a house?! I think I'll buy them one for Christmas!"