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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Confession and some more townie observations

I may or may not have consumed a Dairy Queen blizzard last night. And I may or may not be admitting to this only because Allison outed me by commenting on my blog post from yesterday after I ranted about how I'm tired of eating so much sugar.

In my defense, I still needed to use my birthday buy-one-get-one-free coupon from DQ before Tuesday, and last night was the best available option. I wasn't necessarily hungry after dinner- in fact, I had a stomach ache-but I've learned that sometimes being hungry is not a prerequisite for eating. And perhaps that's my problem.

Regardless, I thought I should inform you that there is a picture of Jesus on the wall in direct view of the drive-through window at DQ. Probably not the first place I would expect to find a picture of Jesus, but hey, I'm glad to know He's in plain sight for all other blizzard-lovers to see.

And as if that wasn't enough, we went to Jaime's Dairy Treat to pick up some lunch for Brian today (apparently swimming and laying out builds up an appetite for him that only fast food will fill) and we noticed that they had a picture on their wall of the Last Supper. I think it's safe to say Richmond is in good hands, people. Or at least it's in the hands of people who love Jesus and also have an affinity for clogging our arteries.

Oh, and I also think it's important to tell you that Jaime's Dairy Treat has signs advertising ALL of the following foods at their establishment: burgers, nachos, corn dogs, stuffed burritos, fajitas, fried shrimp, and egg rolls. I don't know much about running a restaurant, but wouldn't you think it would be smarter to specialize in one or two types of food, rather than all of them? Just a thought.


The Blogivers said...

Did you have to write a check again? And was the same lady with the blue eye shadow there?

Leah said...

I don't think I could eat anywhere that advertised Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Seafood, and Baseball Stadium Food all on the same menu. Eww.

Katherine said...

Oh how I love me a DQ Blizzard! But sadly there aren't in the Dallas city limits. :( If I want one, I have to drive to Garland or Plano and my friends can't seem to understand the need for that. What kind of blizzard do you like? My fav is oreo and reese's peanut butter cup -- it's delicious!