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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well that was embarrassing.

Nothing makes you look good in front of your neighbors quite like getting pulled over by a policeman (lights and all) in your own driveway. Don’t you think?

Brian and I were returning home from doing some volunteer work with illiterate orphans… ok we were returning home from a trip to Dairy Queen, but that is really beside the point. Once we turned into our driveway and put the car in park, we noticed flashing red and blue lights in the rearview mirror and realized a police car was parked behind us in our driveway.

Not to worry, it wasn’t like the time that Brian managed to get pulled over on his way to work (one block from our house, I kid you not—he ran a stop sign, and by “a stop sign,” I mean the only stop sign between our house and the church). He just pulled us over because one of my brake lights was out. Nonetheless, we got to sit in the driveway for a good 5-10 minutes with his lights flashing while he wrote up a warning. Plenty of time for curious neighbors to stare and wonder what those young hooligans living on the corner were up to. Fun times indeed.

Oh, and for the record, the policeman was really nice! We really didn’t mind being pulled over—we appreciated being told about the brake light. And I never like it when people rant unnecessarily about how unfair police are, so I wanted to make sure to clarify. The end :o)


Stacey said...

That happened to my older brother when he came home for Christmas, back in the 80's, right in my parent's driveway! How humiliating...he stopped and looked, but didn't do a complete stop at the stop sign.

Angela said...

Wow that would be embarrassing! Especially if one of your church members just happened to see you ;)

The Blogivers said...

Who's the inferior twin now, huh? Wait, I'm the one that's unemployed... nevermind.