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Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Type A" might be an understatement

I have always had a pretty good hunch that I was neurotic. My family was never shy about pointing out how particular I am, or pointing out how much it drove them all crazy. In fact, there are 2 videos from my childhood that provided proof for me in later years in case I ever doubted what they told me to be true:

1. When we were around the age of 4 (“we” referring to my twin sis and I), my dad was video- taping us jumping on the bed. Pretty normal, right? What is not normal, however, is that I interrupted the activity to ask everyone to please get off the bed and straighten up the pillows before continuing. That should have been their first clue.

2. A few years later, when we were probably 10, we were making a home video with our brother… not even really sure what it was about, probably one of our fake documentaries about the lives of Siamese twins where Allison and I would both squeeze into my dad's clothes and pretend to be attached to each other. We had friends, I promise. Regardless, a major fight broke out when I decided that we were making too much of a mess in my room and taping needed to stop until the room was back in proper order. And that, my friends, is probably why my brother and I did not get along for the duration of our childhood :o)

So yes, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t clueless about this personality trait growing up. However, I will say that I was never made more painfully aware of it until I got married. Something about living with someone day in and day out apparently brings these types of qualities to light. Who knew? And while you might wonder how I was able to live with Allison day in and day out without having issues about my OCD behavior, you should remember that she is equally (if not more) neurotic.

None of my obsessive tendencies really seemed that weird to me until Brian started to challenge them. I know what you’re thinking: “He challenged you and came out alive?” Yes, hard to believe, but with only a little (lot) bit of back-sassing from me, he has managed to challenge me on multiple occasions.

For example, Brian doesn’t understand why the 2 remote controls (a) need to sit in the same spot on the coffee table at all times or (b) why they need to be parallel to one another and to the edge of the table. Seems perfectly reasonable to me?

He also still does not understand why the rugs have to be a certain distance from the edge of the room (or door), and why the frayed edges always need to be neatly groomed. I think it’s fairly obvious that the world will likely stop spinning on its axis if they aren’t, but apparently he doesn’t see it that way.

And I’m sure I’m not alone in this one… ok I’m hoping I’m not alone in this one… but Brian also finds it amusing (a nice word for “aggravating?") that I like to rotate out the dishes, glasses, and utensils (particularly our knife set) so that we don’t always end up using the exact same 4 or 5 without ever using the others. What's wrong with keeping things balanced?!

I am thankful, however, that although he likely questions my sanity on a daily basis, he still complies as much as possible. He probably wouldn’t admit this to his friends, but as I type this, his shirts are hanging in our closet grouped by color and sleeve length. And while I will say that it was upon my insistence at first, he has managed to keep it up on his own accord for the last 1.5 years. Although that might be more out of fear than his own desire for an orderly wardrobe, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

So what are some of your OCD habits? And how do your significant others feel about them?


Ellen and Bill said...

All of my movies are in alphbetical order. All of my books are in alphabetical order by type (fiction, art, history). If I'm putting anything on the computer (and this drives my coworkers crazy) the date of the documents or folders have to be in YYYY MM DD. That way they are in date order. For example, status reports have to have the date on them so that all status reports are in proper order.

I put books on CD on my computer, they have to have the author last name then first name. The title of the book can not have The at the beginning, so if the name of the book is The Cove, it's filed as Cove, The.

All of my fabric for sewing is in containers. All florals are in one container and sorted by color. All batiks are together, etc.

My threads are in different containers depending on type. I'm the container queen.

I wash dishes as I'm cooking so by the time dinner is cooked the only thing that is not washed is the final container something is in.

I read magazines from front to back. I don't finish a story till I get to that page.

I could go on and on.

Stacey said...

I like the tassels on rugs to be straight too...and the dishwasher has to be loaded the way I like it because I put it away.

I only sort my clothing by type, Winter, Summer and by sleeves...because if I put them by color, I feel I might not be able to find a certain shirt because it wouldn't stand out.

I like everything to have a place, although sometimes things aren't in their places. I'm a neat freak, but not...when I clean, I would like it spotless, but then it can get cluttered around here too, because I so get overwhelmed with it all and that is when my hubby helps.

I've always told my husband that I wish someone with OCD would come clean my house! :oD

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you, Amanda. "Type A" is an understatement.

Love, Jill :)

The Blogivers said...

I thought you used to make fun of me for rotating out the dishes/glasses/etc. to make sure they get equal use! I also do that with our coasters and towels. You already know most of my OCD tendencies, so I'll just leave it at that.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

So many of the things you listed are also on my list- it makes me feel better to read stuff like this. Perhaps Im not insane after all?

Stacey said...

Ellen, I don't see any of what you said you do to be OCD. I think you are just very well organized. :o)

Leah said...

Everything I own is alphabetized, color coordinated, or displayed perfectly perpindicular, parallel, or at a right angle to the object that it sits on. However, every now and then I let things get out of order because I think I find a weird pleasure when I get to reorganize.

*kimmie* said...

Everything must be perpendicular/parallel to the object it sits on. Although reading your comments, we can now associate this with normal behavior! =)