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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remember that time I talked about food?

So apparently it was not a wise move for me to mention the Thug Passion snow cone in my last post without actually sharing what flavors combine to create the magical combo. Sadly, not for a lack of interest, I didn’t ask during my visit to Chill Out. Right here and now, however, I vow to my readers that I will most certainly inquire the next time I stop by for a snow cone. No guarantees that I will try it (in fact, I can pretty much guarantee you that I won’t!), but the townie thing to do would be to at least find out what it’s made of, so I plan to do just that.

And now that we have the week’s most pressing news out of the way, let’s move on. I have had a little bit of a Jillian Michaels overload in the last 24 hours. Jillian and I have spent some time together not once, not twice, but THRICE (I love that word) since 7 pm yesterday evening. Don’t worry—I most definitely did not work out with her 3 times in that short of a time span. Sighting # 1 was obviously during my 2-hour watching of last night’s episode of TBL. And I think any of you that were watching would agree that the cliffhanger “to be continued” ending was both unfair and unnecessary. And I think you would also agree that Tah-ra is most definitely still on steroids.

Sighting # 2 took place around 5:15 this morning when Jillian and I got together to do The Shred. Her minions were also there, I should add, doing their best to make me feel ugly and weak (that’s ok because I get to eat DQ blizzards and they don’t!). But I will say that the workout (yes, still on level one) is getting easier the more I do it. AND I went out and bought some hand weights this weekend, so now I am legitimately participating. And legitimately sore.

And my final Jillian sighting was this morning on the news. Owen and Lauren, my favorite morning news anchors on Channel 2, were introducing some segment on childhood obesity, and the spokesperson that they talked with was none other than Jillian herself! Unlike in TBL and The Shred, Jillian was all dolled up and very clearly trying to look her best for the camera. I can’t blame her though, considering most of her TV time shows her yelling angrily while being showered with people’s sweat.

And speaking of obesity, I was un-pleasantly surprised to learn recently that they are putting a Taco Bell and KFC in the shopping center near our house. Seriously, Rich-Rose, do you really think you need another couple of fast food chains? Let’s please not forget the Trifecta, aka: an intersection in Rosenberg that includes a Little Ceasar's, Shipley’s, and Dairy Queen all on one corner. I will give them props for putting up a new Sonic in the new shopping center, because hey, no place hops like it. But would a Jason’s Deli, Jimmy John's, or Corner Bakery or other sandwich shop be so hard to add into the mix?

And speaking of food (sometimes my segue skills really impress me), Brian and I made calzones this week from a Cooking Light recipe and they were great! I don’t usually post recipes on here, but these were tasty and not that hard to make, so I would feel guilty for not sharing. Click here to check it out if you are interested. Beware if you are preparing them with a loved one, however, as these calzones launched a small marital dispute for the Joiners when my husband (with the best intentions) decided that the best way to re-heat them for dinner was to put them in the toaster oven… for an hour. A burned tongue and more than a few cross words later, we were over it. But I have to be honest and tell you that they tasted like burnt dirty shoes. Not to worry, however, because we properly re-heated them last night and they were excellent!

That’s all for today. Oh wait, one more thing. I have to go to the dentist this afternoon, so there is a chance that I will spend the remainder of the evening crying and feeling bad about myself if they tell me that I have any cavities (which they usually do). Dramatic? Perhaps. Predictable? Indeed. So for my husband’s sake, please pray for a cavity-free visit :o)


The Blogivers said...

Thinking good thoughts about non-cavities over here...

Ellen and Bill said...

Wouldn't that be Owen and not Chad on Channel 2? My hurricane buddy?

Bonnie said...

I so wanted a Schlotsky's. But nooo, they had to add two restaurants WE ALREADY HAVE...