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Friday, March 6, 2009

Answers to your thought-provoking questions

On a completely unrelated note, apparently yesterday was my 200th post. Hooray!

Now on to the topic at hand: time to answer your pressing questions about
my twin sis... get excited!

Q: Beth asked: What does Allison want to be when she grows up?

A: Ha- that is a big assumption to assume that she will ever actually grow up! But if she ever does, I'd say that ultimately she'd like to be a mommy, but we all also know she has also dreamed not-so-secretly of owning her own cupcake shop. She and Wade also used to talk about owning a bed and breakfast. But personally, I have always thought she'd be the ideal candidate to be my personal live-in nanny. Thoughts?

Allison asked (yes, that’s right, she asked a question about herself): Why is Allison so freaking awesome?

A: Easy question- because you have the same genes I do! Duh.

Q: Risa asked: How is Allison doing with giving up frappucinos for Lent?

A: Shockingly, she is doing quite well! I was worried at first that she was going to have to enter some sort of 12-step program, but not only has she abstained from having any fraps, but she has also avoided discussing them for the most part. A real victory for her, I'd say! Just a few more weeks to go... not that she's counting.

Q: Will the Olivers ever think about getting a dog sibling for Rocky?

A: Well considering raising Rocky has brought Allison to the brink of insanity on more than one (read: daily) occasion, I'd say that it will be a while before that happens. But eventually, I think they will settle down and get Rocky another 4-legged playmate.

Angela asked: What is Allison’s favorite part about being a twin?

A: Besides sharing genes with me (seriously, she is so lucky!), I would say that her favorite part is having someone who shares her sense of humor. I know exactly what to say to make her laugh until she cries and vice versa. Fortunately for us, Brian and Wade have taken quite well to our strange jokes and habits.

Q: What are her favorite pizza toppings?

A: Can hummus be a pizza topping? Because if so, that would be her choice. But if not, I would say a margherita pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella.

Q: Brian asked: Who would win in (A) an arm wrestling competition (B) a swimming race (C) paper, rock, scissors and (D) an art show?

A: (A) me, because I'm the "butch twin"
(B) her, likely because I hate swimming races (edited to add: she noted that she hates them as well... so it's quite possible that if faced with a swimming race, we would both give up without trying)
(C) a tie
(D) (what on earth?!) me maybe? I was more into art growing up than she was... she was too busy participating in pansy dance lessons

Q: JoAnna asked: What are the top five items in Allison’s purse at all times?

A: Excellent question, JoAnna! I would say:
1. wallet
2. gum
3. camera
4. chapstick
5. keys

Boring and predictable. Just like Allison! Ha ha, kidding, sis! (Kind of:) I should also add that these are the same top 5 items I would have listed for my own purse!

Q: Would Allison give Dewittle (that’s Rocky, for those of you who can’t translate puppy talk) a kidney if he needed it?

A: Yes. And growing up, this answer definitely would have been no because she wouldn't even willingly pet a dog. But now that Rocky has come along, I think she would offer up both kidneys if needed.

Q: What is the one item Allison can’t live without; her bobby pin, gum or her facebook account?

A: Tough call, but I'm going to say the gum. She could always grow her hair out, and I think eventually she could go through facebook rehab successfully. But knowing that she shares my same affinity for (a) good breath and (b) something that prevents excessive snacking, I think gum would be pretty hard for her to part with.

Q: Wade asked:
What is Allison’s favorite joke?

A: "Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Me." "Me who?" "MEHOO! Wouldn't that be a funny name? HA HA HA!"

Yep, I don't get it either. But trust me- it makes her laugh. every. time.

Q: Does Allison ever get trapped in the closet?

A: Yes, when Rocky traps her in there. Duh.

Q: Kelly asked: What is Allison’s greatest fear?

A: Morbid obesity. Or being left alone. It's a toss up!

Leah asked: What are Allison’s pet peeves?

A: I'm not sure there's enough room on the entire internet to list them all, so I'll just include a few:

the phrase, "It is what it is!"; when you leave just 1 or 2 sheets on the toilet paper roll; gum wrappers (or anything for that matter) left in the car; when people take pictures of the bed in their hotel room and put it on facebook; slowness in general; Rocky's diarrhea; the word "panties"; people who load the dishwasher from front to back rather than back to front; and maybe you didn't notice, but it also REALLY irritates her when the peeps at Starbucks get her order wrong :)

Kimmie asked: If Allison were to be miles away in another country and got hurt, would you feel it? (She said she was kidding, but let’s be honest, you’re all dying to know.)

A: Most definitely NOT! I am a firm believer that this doesn't actually happen to people and that they are lying if they say it does. But I know someone is going to get on here and write about how it totally happened to them, or their dad's brother's girlfriend's friend. So go ahead. I don't believe you. And Allison probably doesn't either :)

Q: What is Allison’s favorite cupcake ever?

A: This is sad, but I don't actually know? I think if she's smart, her answer would be a yellow cake cupcake with chocolate icing, but sadly, she thinks those are boring. So I am going to guess Vanilla Cheesecake or Chocolate Chip? (edited to add: she informed me that she, in fact, does not have a favorite!)

Q: What does Allison miss the most about living with her twin, either growing up or in college in the Chi-O house?

A: Probably my neatness and tidiness, sadly. Although believe it or not, she is more of a neat freak than I am if that is even possible. Or she was before Rocky came along- now she's loosened up a tad. Knowing her, she also probably misses being able to talk to me all the time without having to use up her precious cell phone minutes. Ha ha!

Oh, and she also probably misses when I leave 1 or 2 sheets on the toilet paper roll :)

Q: Stacey asked: Was Allison born before or after you?

A: Allison was born first- a whopping 60 seconds before me- thereby making me officially the youngest child in our family. And technically, this makes her a middle child- looks like I came out with the best deal on that one!

That was fun! Hopefully now you have a little bit better of an idea of what Allison is like. Or at least what I think Allison is like. I'll be sure to post any corrections to questions that I answered incorrectly, as I'm sure she'll be quick to point them out to me. Thanks to all that participated!


Stacey said...

WOW! 60 seconds? Pretty quick. I'm 6th of 8 kids, but pretty much was stuck in the middle...4 years younger and 4 years older and no one to play with except my 2 baby brothers...the others paired up pretty well. :o)

You two are so adorable...and don't vomit for me saying that. LOL ;o)

The Blogivers said...

Good job, sis! I always like reading posts about myself :)

The Joiners said... Allison going to do a blog about you?

The Joiners said...

hey...nifty...Amanda must have left this set up with her account pn my computer while she was home for the what I (her Dad) just wrote, looks like it came from her. I must take advantage of this!!!

Christian said...

I enjoyed reading this post... very entertaining! =)