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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Allow me to clarify

Just wanted to clarify from my last post that Brian by no means has to get my permission to eat anything, but typically he lets me know when he is going to go out to eat (read: spend money) rather than eat at home. But if we are going to be honest, I might or might not have a reputation for getting irritated with him for eating out when something perfectly good (and already paid for) is in the pantry at home. So when he is calling to “let me know,” we both know he is more or less asking for permission :).

I realize that this makes me sound petty, controlling, and bossy. Oh, and hypocritical, because if I am in the mood to eat out rather than eat at home, I dare you to be the person that tries to get in my way. I will own up to all 4 qualities if you promise not to pass judgment! I promise I have redeeming qualities—I can't think of them at the moment, but Brian must be able to think of one or two since he willingly married me… right?!

Anyway, there’s my dose of honesty for the day! Any perfect wives need not respond with comments :).

And by the way, daylight savings hit me like a brick this morning. 5:10 never felt as early as it did today. Barf.


Brian Joiner said...

1. Organized - She keeps me organized because, by nature, I am a very disorganized person.

2. Funny - Nobody can make me laugh like Amanda does.

and one more!

3. Truthful - when no one else tells the truth, you know Amanda will.

The Blogivers said...

Amanda's redeeming quality is that she is my twin sister.

Oops - I probably wasn't supposed to comment! (Since I am a perfect wife, duh.)

Risa Holland said...

No, I'M the perfect wife...since I'm not one at all!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I had to wake up at 445 today for a sales meeting and was tempted to hang myself from the shower head.

Brittany and Matt said...

I just had to comment on how sweet your hubby was to comment after that! I'm pretty sure mine would have agreed with the aforementioned negative qualities and been on here looking for pity from other bloggers...
oh and my blog stalker comment of the day: you are crazy for commenting on Christian's blog at 4:40 this morning!

Stacey said...

No clarification needed here...we do the same thing, since I am the one that does all the finances for the household.:o)

*Kimmie* said...

=) I so wasn't judging just to clarify. It's so you, but that's why we all love you.