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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My two favorite men

It has been an eventful weekend for both of my favorite men, so I wanted to make sure and give them both a shout out:

Brian did an amazing job at church today! His sermon was, in my unbiased opinion, excellently delivered :) In case you were curious, his message was about the call we all have to evangelize and spread God's word. He made me very proud.
My poor dad has spent the weekend in a hospital outside of Jacksonville, FL (Angela, maybe you should go visit him!). He is ok, but is possibly having issues with an ulcer or something else related. Apparently the tendency to suffer from unusual stomach-related ailments during business trips runs in our family. Hopefully he will know more about what is causing the problem when he gets checked out tomorrow, and hopefully they will release him so that he can come back home! Prayers are appreciated :o)

Otherwise, we had another fun weekend with the Olivers, but I have decided that they need to move here so that we can see them for more than just 48 hours at a time. We started off the weekend on Friday with dessert and games with 2 of our other favorite couples- the Scibas and the Trapps. I may or may not have eaten my weight in chocolate. We also played a few rounds of Cranium, but being the hip, young newlyweds that we all are, we called it a night around 10:30 pm because everyone was struggling to stay awake. Pathetic? Perhaps. I blame the whole having a job thing.

I don't really remember much of what we did on Saturday that didn't involve food, but I'm certain there were a few other filler activities. Allison and I went on a walk and did some shopping while the boys stayed home losing brain cells, er, I mean playing a video game and babysitting the dogs. We ended the evening with dinner at El Tiempo with 2 friends, dessert at Swirll (against our better judgment), and a practice-round of Brian's sermon.

They abandoned us after church and a subsequent lunch with my grandparents, therefore forcing us to get back to reality. Now I am enjoying a typical Sunday evening watching Lifetime movies and blog-stalking while Brian is at youth group. And I'm not so secretly pretending that I don't have to wake up at 5:15 tomorrow morning and start the work week all over again. Anyone else participating in this?

Ok kids, time to get back to watching Jessie Spano (aka: Elizabeth Berkley) on Lifetime. And no, I am not watching Showgirls. Happy 2/22 to you!


The Blogivers said...


That's all I have to say about this weekend.

Angela said...

Why is he in Jacksonville? Is he at the Mayo clinic?

Maybe you should come to visit him and visit me while you're here, too!! I have a whole bowl of chocolate sitting on my kitchen counter that I'd let you have!