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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jillian, I have a feeling your whole family's going down

Does it give anyone else a nervous tick when Jillian refers to Tara as “Tah-ra”? For the love, Jillian, that is NOT her name. Everyone else on the show seems to grasp the proper pronunciation, so why can’t you?

Please pardon my rage toward Jillian today. I would like to pretend it’s just my normal over-involvement in the latest episode of The Biggest Loser, but to be honest, other than mispronouncing one of her team member’s names, she didn’t really do anything to make me mad on last night’s episode.

She did, however, participate very fully in demoralizing me this morning. You see, I recently purchased Jillian’s workout DVD, The 30-day Shred. Because I am already an owner/fan of The Biggest Loser Cardio DVD, I thought I would also enjoy this one. And if you consider sweating profusely and wanting to die about 5 minutes into a workout to be enjoyable, then yes, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The thing is, on the cardio DVD (which has workouts with Jillian, Bob, and some dumb blonde trainer named Kim), the participants in the video are actual contestants from the show. They are overweight and terribly uncoordinated. Translation: they make me feel really in-shape and awesome.

In contrast, on Jillian’s Shred video, her two “helpers” (aka: demons) are thin, toned and very much coordinated, leaving me feeling much like I did when I once attempted a step aerobics class at the Rec in college—disabled and out of shape.

That’s ok, though. I will rise above, and before too long, Natalie and whatever that other stick figure’s name was will be jealous of my mad skills. First, I just have to get to the point where I can complete the 30-second circuit of push-ups without having to drop to my knees. And it probably wouldn’t hurt if I actually got a set of hand weights to use instead of lifting imaginary ones… wish me luck!


The Armstrong Family said...

I have the same 30 Day Shred video and can't even attempt to do it now because my heart rate gets so high. Sometimes, the pretty helpers annoy me, but other times they motivate me...It just depends on the day. Way to go, Amanda!

Brian Joiner said...

Natalie is on the video?!?!

The Blogivers said...

Hmm... maybe we should do it this weekend!

Beth said...

I am equally annoyed with how Jillian says Tara's name. I thought that was just how you said it, but now that I think about it, everyone else says it normal. I guess if I was Tara, I wouldn't want to tick her off by correcting her, either!

Beth said...

And, on the topic of Biggest Loser, I had the best chocolate chip cookie last night at this little French cafe - All I could think was Amanda needs to come here!