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Monday, February 9, 2009

It's cookie time, it's cookie time!

Yes, my friends, it’s that time of year again: the Girl Scouts are out in full force. I was never actually a Girl Scout, and considering my love for Girl Scout cookies, I think that was probably a good thing. Because nothing is cute and loveable about a morbidly obese youngster knocking on your door trying to sell you cookies while simultaneously stuffing said cookies in her face. But maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, I bought 3 boxes and plan to eat them all in one sitting. I’m kidding, I’m kidding… I will stretch it out at least over a week-long period. Fortunately I have a cookie-loving husband who will assist me in my eating endeavors. I know you are dying to know which kinds we ordered, so here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties (aka: tiny pieces of Heaven), and Caramel DeLites (dumbest name ever). I’m picking them up tomorrow, so please start praying now that I will exercise some self-control so that the cookies will survive at least until I get home from work.

And by the way, do Girl Scout cookies make anyone else want to watch Troop Beverly Hills? "Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!" Good thing I own it.

In other news, I had a really good time watching the E! True Hollywood Story about Mario Lopez this weekend. I know, my life is fascinating. Brian was out of town (yes, again!), so really the whole weekend was a blur of hours of random tv-watching with some intermittent social interaction outside the house. I did manage to escape on Friday night to meet some of my Bible Study friends for dinner at Gringo’s (let’s be honest, I never say no to Mexican food), and on Saturday afternoon to meet my friend, Sara, for coffee. And by coffee, I mean that she had coffee, while I sucked down (that wasn't very lady-like) a vanilla frap, which is essentially a milkshake. And now that I’m done re-capping my oh-so-exciting weekend, let’s move on.

I am really pumped about Valentine’s Day this weekend because I love any holiday that deems it appropriate for Brian to give me lots of attention and/or flowers and candy. I will settle for any of the above. And our plans for the evening are actually a surprise, so that’s kind of fun. Unless the surprise somehow ends with dinner at Captain D’s Sea Food (sick out) or a scavenger hunt throughout the local Fiesta. So Brian, if you’re reading, make sure and cross both of those activities off of your potential surprise activity list. (I know, I know—he is SO lucky to have such a helpful and straightforward wife!)

I am not above admitting that I may or may not have spent a portion of Valentine's Day last year crying in our bathroom because Brian forgot to make the bed and did not remember to make the cd I had requested as a gift. Irrational? Perhaps. I like to call it "endearing." :)

In addition to Valentine’s Day, this weekend also happens to be a 3-day weekend, as my company is very graciously giving us a holiday for President’s Day. Thank you, Presidents, for existing. In your honor, I plan to sleep late and not change out of my work-out clothes until it’s time for bed. I don’t think Brian has the day off, so I will be celebrating in solitude... but considering the nature of my aforementioned plans, I don't think he will be too bummed about missing out on the festivities.

And lastly, on an entirely unrelated note, who thinks it’s about time that my sister sends me a sample of some of her cupcakes? I think it’s the least she could to repay me for spending 9 grueling months in the womb with her, don’t you?

Oh, and for those of you that were wondering about the outcome of my last post, don't worry- the gas pains are gone... the humiliation is not.


The Blogivers said...

I'm not talented enough to send cupcakes - you'll have to come and get 'em!

Brittany and Matt said...

Did you know that "due to the economy" there are now less cookies in the girl scout cookie box?? I plan to write a full report about it on my blog - ridiculous!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

the peanut butter patties are my fave!

The Blogivers said...

P.S. Which kind are the ones that I ate an entire box of after getting dumped Junior year of high school? I can't remember...

Beth said...

I am still bitter that they changed the names of the cookies. "Peanut Butter Patties" are TAGALONGS. And "Caramel DeLites" are SEMOIAS!!!!! Lame, Girl Scouts.

Sara said...

I had so much fun having "coffee" with you on Saturday :) Also, I thought of Troop Beverly Hills too haha!

*Kimmie* said...

In dallas they are stil tagalongs, semoias, and dosidoes! AND we have dulce de leche cookies this year! =) Too bad the girl scout who took my order hasn't shown her face in 3 weeks... =(