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Thursday, February 12, 2009

All about the Benjamins, baby

So as you might have noticed on my facebook status, I was really feeling the need to blog today, but struggling to come up with a topic. And while not having a set topic in mind has never stopped me before, today I was just feeling too lazy to overcome the blog-block.

So I declared this publicly on facebook and asked for a suggested topic. Thankfully, my great pal and fellow blogging friend, Chrissy, came through with a topic, so be sure to thank her... unless you don't like the topic, in which case, feel free to blame her :o)

Chrissy wanted me to share how I would spend an extra $100 today if given the chance. (And for you fellow Real Simple readers, you might recognize this question from the magazine.) So here goes:

$9 on a pack of bones for Noah and Buster
$18 on a pair of Hanky Pankies (don’t judge me, they’re the greatest underwear ever)
$25 on a pedicure
$20 on a tank of gas to go to/from Austin to see my family
$6 on Dairy Queen Blizzards for me and Brian
The remaining $22 towards dinner at El Tiempo!

So there you have it. How would YOU spend an extra $100? And don’t say “rent” or anything else obligatory, because that’s boring :)


The Blogivers said...

Nothing for me?? And the gas to visit doesn't count.

Chrissy said...

Excellent choices! I'll see your $22 El Tiempo dinner & raise you a margarita! : )
Thanks for humoring by answering my blog request...

Anonymous said...

How much BarBQ can you buy for $100?