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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A return to shallow thinking

Confession: I caved in and ate my afternoon snack (normally scheduled for 3-3:30 pm) at 1:50 pm… approximately 1.5 hours after finishing my lunch.

Confession: Hunger struck (again) around 3:45 pm, so I made a voyage to the vending machine.

Confession: Even though I went up there with the intention of getting semi-harmless fruit snacks, I decided on peanut M&Ms instead.

Confession: I accidentally pushed D1 instead of D10 (I thought I had to press 1 and then 0… didn’t realize there was a 10 button!) and got a Baby Ruth instead… slightly worse for me.

Confession: I ate it anyway. The whole thing.

And to make myself feel better, I’m going to devote my evening to watching The Biggest Loser. Does that make me a horrible person??

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Chrissy said...

John relates to your vending maching confession: pressing the 1 then 0... and not the 10. I'd say you got a pretty good end of the deal though...good thing it was a Baby Ruth & not hot fries or funyons