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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pardon me while I get political

Alternate titles for this post: And here’s where I offend some of my readers

But don’t worry, this will be brief!

I realize that today is a big and important day in our nation’s history. And while I personally did not vote for Barack Obama, I realize that he does have some strong points and I’m sure he will do many great things as President. Do I think it will be tough for him to live up to all of the hype about him? Sure. But nonetheless, he has the momentum and support to get a lot accomplished, so I wish him the best (as if he needs my blessing).

I do, however, find one piece of news that I heard this morning to be very frustrating. Obama has promised that one of his first actions as President will be to pass legislation (a reversal of legislation passed by Bush) that allows taxpayers’ money to help support International “family planning” groups that promote abortion or provide information, counseling or referrals about abortion services.

According to CNN, when Bush initially passed the legislation against using our money to support these groups, he said, “It is my conviction that taxpayer funds should not be used to pay for abortion or actively promote abortion.”

Anyway, I will not beat a dead horse here, because I think it is obvious where I stand. But I just have to say this: I think it is absolutely ridiculous that taxpayers’ money will be used to support any groups (here or internationally) that promote, encourage, or condone the so-called “right” of a person to take the life of another human being. Because in my opinion, “freedom of choice” is only applicable to what you do with your own life, and does not give you the freedom to choose whether or not another human being gets to experience life.

But with all of this said, I don’t mean to sound hopeless or defeated, because I know that God is not limited by legislation, or by lawmakers for that matter. And so on that note, I am going to drop the subject. Don’t worry—I’ll be on to more life-changing topics like the latest happenings on The Biggest Loser soon enough. Thanks for reading!


Angela said...

Again, well done! I heard a radio broadcast on this subject the other day, and it really scared me. One of the best points brought up was how people who call themselves Christians could have voted for a man who gives so little care to the sanctity of life.

The Joiners said...

Well, I think a lot of Christians voted for Obama due to his stance on other issues- he is obviously a very compassionate person and is looking out for the less-fortunate. This is just one issue where he and I disagree!

beckley said...

hey there :)
i voted for obama based on LIFE ISSUES, and it was a very, very easy choice.
i recently wrote a blog on life issues on my other blog. there are a lot of evangelicals out there fighting to raise awareness that life issues extend beyond abortion legislation, and working out of frustration because of both theological inconsistency of the republican party on sanctity of life issues and the republicans lack of doing anything but working (passively) legislatively for the last 30 years while the roots of the problems still exist (between 75-95 percent of abortions take place amongst those living in poverty...wages of $19,000 for fam of 4).
what i didn't say in my blog is how the repubs have cornered a voting block and a lot of us feel have exploited it for means of votes but with no intent to honor the voter's values. karl rove is a master at this.
do you know mccain is pro-choice? because he is. and he wanted to pick a prochoice VP but GOP said that wouldn't get votes. we work with people on the inside of these issues. just an fyi. people are getting tricked, and i think are getting exploited by the GOP as they tend tobe less educated and less media savvy people groups in the middle of the country.
just an fyi. not an angry rant just so i'm clear. i learned a lot about politics living in houston, and have had some very interesting learning experiences with advisors around the country. that's how life-centered people like myself switch to the democratic party and cannot fathom ever voting republican ever again unless there are massive changes (which the GOP just announced is not going to be fundamental change, but packaging so people find it sweeter...i believe the quote is, "we're going to dip it in chocolate and tell people it's calorie free". that's scary, but just a heads up. i felt pretty stupid when i starting learning more from the inside.
the good news? obama has taken Jim Wallis into his circle, who is fervent prolifer. FOCA sucks, but we wonder how we got there. abortion can be drastically close to eliminated if we target the problem, not the symptoms and we love the people themselves instead of relying on legislation.
we've gotten very involved in politics over the last 2 years, so i share that with you. i've learned some nasty stuff and found a better platform in the democrats for lifers like myself.
Afterall, right now I am killing people with my tax dollars day after day while these I and A wars go on, and I am a part of a nation that is unabashedly supporting Israel while they kill the people of gaza and i read the prayers from gaza pastors crying out for help as they are being terrorized by Israel. It's complicated, and neither party, at the end of the day, holds a truly biblical perspective. and i would challenge any republican that their party is the life party. (my blog briefly addresses that.) Following jesus? Life party. And that's a party we need to get started...nonpartisan and powerful and will change the world if we can unify on that.
again, not a rant, but an explanation, a challenge to all of us and certainly in the spirit of grace and shalom. i am nothing if i don't live in that.
grace and shalom.

beckley said...
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beckley said...
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beckley said...
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Dubya said...

woowee Amanda - looks like you've struck a cord!

Sean and Stephanie said...

The Freedom of Choice Act goes deeper than just tax payers being forced to support abortion..........
*Underage girls can have abortions without parental consent, like a child say 11 or 12 can go get an abortion without mom or dad ever knowing!
*Partial birth abortion could become legal!
*Faith based hospitals will be forced to do abortions - where's the freedom of choice in that?
If you're against it, go here and sign the petition:
I don't know how much it'll help, but at least we can do something.
Oh, and pray!!!! :)

Sean and Stephanie said...

Also, I'm proud of you for posting this.
(I'm giving you a cyberspace pat on the back!) :)

Kelly and Andrew said...

geez. so annoying. (not you)