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Monday, January 19, 2009

I need to get a life

Ok so first of all, I ate more than my weight in tortilla chips at lunch today, and I’m fairly certain that I am in some kind of food coma. So please forgive me if this is not coherent.

Secondly, I have discovered that my behavior when my husband is out of town is nothing short of paranoid. In my mind, the house settling is very clearly Jack the Ripper opening the attic door to climb down and attack me. And those tree branches tapping at the window? That would be the robber trying to sneak in through the back door. And please don’t even get me started on the neighbors that watch me leave the house to go running or walking in the morning when he’s gone… it’s pretty obvious that they are just waiting for the perfect moment to rob us blind and/or burn down my house.

But here’s the good news—I was facebook chatting with my good pal, Chrissy on Friday night, because that’s what cool kids in their mid-20s do on the weekends (that’s not the good news, I’m getting there). And did I mention I was also watching Varsity Blues at the time? Is my maturity showing? Anyway, I was relieved to learn that I am not alone in my craziness. Chrissy is also married to a Youth Minster, and he also happens to travel some on the weekends. Let’s just say that her husband was also out of town this weekend, and she might or might not have admitted to taping paper over the window on her front door. Because hey, the only thing worse than being abducted is having to see the intruder coming, right, Chrissy? :o) I’m just glad not to be alone in my paranoia.

Moving right along, it is probably no news flash to you (unless you know nothing about me) that I am a bit of a stickler for grammar. And for following any rules, for that matter. I’m not sure if any of you can relate to this, but I honestly find grammatical and spelling errors to be almost offensive… as in, I would rather listen to my husband clank his cereal spoon against his teeth or to a person run his/her nails down a chalkboard than some of the grammatical catastrophes that I encounter.

Can I just please point out a few to you, in case you were not already aware of them? Thanks.

1. “Supposedly” – this is the way the word is spelled. This is also the way the word is pronounced. I simply cannot understand people who cannot sound out words. I know, I know, I would be a horrible kindergarten teacher. And that is why I am a recruiter that works in a fabric-covered box instead! But anyway, it is not “supposably,” or “supposively,” or any other variation that you have deemed appropriate. Now say it with me… “supposedly.”

2. “Broke” vs. “broken” – If something is not functioning and in need of repair, it is “broken.” If you were to tell me that your “computer is broke,” then my response would be this, “Well, then give your computer some money.” You can say, “Oh my! The computer broke!” After that point, the computer is broken. Not broke.

3. “Moot point” – yes, I’m aware that “moot” is a funny word, and sounds more like the combination of the sound a cow makes and a bodily function than an actual word. But it is, in fact, the correct word to use when you are saying something is a “moot” (read: irrelevant for the time being) point. If you refer to it as a “mute” point, then either you are referring to a point that was never stated out loud, or a point scored in a competition between the “mute” and “volume” buttons on your remote control. Amusing? Perhaps. Correct? No.

I know it might seem like I'm overreacting, but really, I can’t stress to you enough how passionate I am about correct grammar usage. And yes, I realize this gives you full license to point out any past or future errors I make in my blog… feel free to do so. But also, please be aware that my pride will prevent me from thanking you for pointing it out :o)

Have a great day, readers, and happy grammar-ing!


Kelly and Andrew said...

i would be so scared staying at home alone too!! i've only had to do it once here and it was terrifying!

Katie said...

Hi Amanda! I'm back to trying this blog thing - I like how you are so good at updating! Hope I can keep it up...

P.S. Ditto on the home alone nights - I'm not a fan!

Bonnie said...

I'm with you on the grammar. I do realize that I make mistakes sometimes. My big thing is spelling. I cannot stand to read misspelled words! Get a dictionary people!

Beth said...

"Supposedly" and "moot point" have both been funny little Joey-isms on Friends... remember??

Brittany and Matt said...

Those grammar things bother me too! You have full license to call me out on my blog if you ever see such a blatant error!

p.s. if you're paranoid - I've gone over the deep end. When Matt's out of town, I sleep with all the lights on - apparently I'm the opposite of your friend Chrissy and want to make sure I can see my attacker!

Angela said...

My hubby is out of town all this I definitely feel your pain there. I check the locks on the doors like 100 times every day.

Also, the grammar-police part of this post...probably one of the very best things I've ever read. Well done.

Chrissy said...

haaa love the shout out about my window cover-up...i ended up taking it down about an hour later because the duct-tape/sheet method seemed too didnt give the subtle drapery affect i was going for...and I think it just made me more nervous.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

How about when people call papers bound by one staple a pamPlet?! UGH.