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Monday, January 26, 2009

I can see clearly now, the crack is gone…

And no, I’m not talking about recovering from a drug addiction.

Do you ever just have that feeling that something in particular is going to happen and you just can’t shake it? I believe they call this intuition, but if you’re like me, sometimes it borders on obsessive compulsive paranoia. So anyway, I had this feeling for a few weeks that I was going to get a crack in my windshield. I have no idea why, other than the fact that I have never had one before, and just assumed my time was coming. But anyway, I was fairly convinced that it was going to happen.

Either due to the fact that I’m a psychic, or the fact that I live in a highly populated area and drive on a highway amongst thousands of other vehicles on a daily basis, my prediction came true the week before last. I don’t even know when it happened, but I do know that I got in my car one day after work and there was a ginormous crack on the passenger side of my windshield. Was it in my line of vision? No. Was it going to lead quickly to my windshield bursting into pieces? Probably not. But did I need to get it fixed IMMEDIATELY? Of course. And anyone else with a personality that is heavily inclined toward both instant gratification and perfection can completely relate. Plus, I have to be honest and say that I think windshield cracks are really tacky. I know that I am risking offending some of you who happen to be blissfully cruising around with existing cracks in your windshields, but I’m sorry. I judge you.

So anyway, I asked around and a co-worker gave me the name of a place nearby that could do the job. She warned me that it wasn’t the most formally-run business in town, but that everything seemed legit and she was pleased with the work they did on her car. So off to A to Z Windows (or some equally creative business name) I went! And I say “I,” but I mean “we,” because I do not venture into car repair territory without my husband. I tend to get insecure in new environments where there is the potential for someone to ask me a question to which I do not know the answer. And when it comes to cars, there is a very high probability that I will not know the answer.

So the first sign that we were somewhere safe was when we pulled in to the parking lot and noticed that the business premises were fenced off with barbed wire. Excellent. We walked into the “lobby” (read: blank walls, a glass window separating customers from the employees, and a “coffee table” decorated with phone books—in various languages, mind you—for reading material) and got in line. Meanwhile, the local gang had apparently decided to have its weekly meeting in the lobby and proceeded to stare down the conspicuous looking young couple that just entered the door. Very comforting. I confidently told the man what I needed, to which he responded, “Did anyone give you a price?” Well I had, in fact, done my homework and called earlier that week, and was quoted a price. But the point is this—could I have just listed any price and he would have matched it? Because if so, I should have said ten bucks. I didn’t, however, because unlike this blog might suggest, I am actually quite the rule-follower.

So I told him the quoted price, and he nodded his head in agreement (phew, passed the first test). He then asked for my keys and told me to come back in an hour. Um, you don’t need my name? Phone number? License? Proof of ownership? Guess not. I dropped the keys in his hands and said a silent prayer that my car would still be there upon my return an hour later.

We ran some errands and came back at the appointed time, and lo and behold, not only was my car there, but the windshield was repaired! Well, better than that, it was replaced! I forked over the dough (and was somewhat surprised to learn that the “establishment” accepted payments other than cash), and upon perusing my receipt, noticed that this glass company (whose primary business is replacing windshields) referred to them as “winshields.” I guess that’s spelled like it sounds, so I didn’t fault them for it. Ok well I did a little, I can’t help it.

We said our goodbyes and the friendly man told me to make sure to leave the blue tape outlining the glass on there for 24 hours. I mean, I’m no expert on glass or cars, or anything along those lines really, but it seems to me that if a windshield is going to attempt to escape from my car while I’m driving 70 mph on the highway, a little tape isn’t going to stop it. But for good measure, I left it on there for 48 hours. Because I am nothing if not an over-achiever.

And I’ll have you know that other than questionable rattling noise accompanying me to work this morning, I have been quite pleased with the result, and the price for that matter. Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. Or a glass repair shop by its barbed wire fences.

Let me end this post by telling you that I had planned on including more weekend coverage in this entry, but because this has already gotten a little lengthy, I’m going to wrap things up and move on. Happy Monday!


Brian Joiner said...

I like how you refer to it as the "establishment". I also enjoyed how the "establishment" had pictures of exotic cars from the 80s on the walls, sort of to say "Yeah...that's our clientele."

The Blogivers said...

So is leaving the tape on similar to how you leave the band-aid on after a shot for approximately 1 month?

The Joiners said...

Yes, similar in its purpose AND in its effectiveness, sassy pants.

Kelly and Andrew said...

i would have done the same thing... in fact, i have! a small chip can lead to a huge crack so i'm always on the lookout!

Auto Glass Repair said...

First off well written blog. Did the shop tell you that you needed to wait a certain amount of time after they did the job to drive it? Not to alarm you but your trip home could have put you into harms way.

Urethane which is the glue that holds your windshield in has to cure for a certain period of time depending on the manufacture. One hour (after the glue hit the windshield) is the fastest in the industry.

Next time I hope this helps you, if you are concerned i would google the 20/20 spot on windshield replacements, so next time you will not put your self in harms way driving home.

Ellen and Bill said...

I guess I have you to blame for the crack in my windshield too. The day it was so cold and there was ice on my windshield, I put the defroster on. I had a nick in the windshield from a rock. I'm not even to the end of the street when I hear it crack. And not just crack, but all the way across the windshield. It is below the line of sight, but I have a Lexus, it's not supposed to happen. And this is after 2 years ago the sunroof shattered on a back road coming from Bill's mom's in east Texas.

Bonnie said...

Yes, my husband and I are two individuals who are blissfully cruising around with existing cracks in our windshields. Actually it is kind of annoying, but considering he hasn't received a paycheck in a year and a half we have to pick our battles.

I'm just sayin'. ;)