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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Apparently today is not going to be a self-esteem booster

Well, peeps, I had yet another piece of mail with my name on it today! That's right, 2 days in a row, so boo-yah. The bad news is that it was an unrequested mini-magazine from Weight Watchers. So if you thought you'd do me a favor and drop a hint by ordering one for me, thanks, but no thanks :)

I also had someone tell me today that I'm not very photogenic. At least that was a little more to the point, I guess?

I think I'll put on my pj's (check), eat an unnecessary amount of Starbursts and Hershey's kisses (check), and watch last night's episode of American Idol rejects to make me feel better about myself.

And PS- just in case my sarcasm was too subtle in this post, I'm not really having a self-pity kind of day. Just thought those were amusing occurrences.


Bonnie said...

I'm not laughing AT you. I'm laughing WITH you.

The Blogivers said...

Well I think you are really good-looking, identical twin sis ;)

Leah said...

Amanda! Your blog is so funny- it sounds like you're just talking! Love it! I'm linking you to mine.