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Thursday, December 4, 2008

‘Tis the season to eat leftovers

Alright peeps, I am back and ready to blog, so prepare yourselves for what might be a long and unrelated rambling. First, let’s address (apologies for my tardiness) the topic of Thanksgiving. In true newlywed fashion, we had 2 turkey days this year—one with my fam, and one with Brian’s. After delivering meals around the neighborhood with our church on T-giving morning, we hopped in the car and headed to Austin. But don’t worry, we stopped on the way for a traditional Thanksgiving lunch of Whataburger. Thank you, Sealy, Texas, for providing us with a convenient fast food stopping point before putting our lives in peril, aka: getting onto I-10.

We celebrated the day of giving thanks (let’s see how many ways I can say “Thanksgiving”) with my sisters and our respective families by eating another traditional meal: enchiladas. And my were they tasty. We spent the rest of the evening watching the Aggies put forth a weak—but admirable—effort against the Longhorns and eating Allison’s cupcakes. And I think Emma and Brown spent the majority of the evening screaming while chasing my husband in circles repeatedly around the dining room. Our wonderful friend, Risa, even joined us to watch some of the game, as she was in town to watch her little brother’s high school basketball tournament. What a great sis you are, Ris! And we were glad to have you celebrate with us :o)

On Friday, Allison and I decided to go on a walk at the Arboretum, because walking around a somewhat upscale shopping center is much more motivating than walking around Allison and Wade’s apartment complex. Well we just so happened to bring our purses with us, so we figured that we might as well drop in some of the stores (read: all of them) to see if there were any un-missable deals (there were), and shockingly, it was not crowded at all! Black Friday was advertised more shamelessly than I had ever seen it, so I had images of angry overweight women body slamming each other over sweaters and pea coats. I’m not sure why the women in my imagination were overweight, but that’s neither here nor there.

So anyway, we found a few great finds and then came home to join Wade and Brian (and Rocky) at the apartment. The boys (minus Rocky) decided to go see the new James Bond movie together, being that Allison and I have not exactly expressed a desire or willingness to join our husbands in watching such movies. So we behaved in an appropriate domestic manner by scouring the shelves of Hobby Lobby for 50% off Christmas decorations and getting the Olivers’ apartment ready for the Christmas season.

We ended Friday by going to a wedding shower for Danny and Gretchen (Danny is a friend from high school). It was fun to see some old high school pals, as well as to eat everything in sight. Because let’s face it, that’s what Allison and I do best when we’re together. And because over-eating is more or less a rule during the holidays, we concluded the evening by going to Maudie’s. Yum.

So on Saturday we made the trek to La Grange for Turkey Day: Round 2 with Brian’s family. Although his granny made threats of withholding Thanksgiving leftovers, there was plenty (and that’s an understatement) left over, so fortunately we were able to stuff our faces yet again. And don’t you worry, we got to take some of those leftovers home, so we have gotten to re-live Thanksgiving on several occasions now.

Anyway, we were there through Sunday and spent most of our time playing games, watching football, and watching various youtube videos that Shannon had found, most likely during her diligent study sessions at the sorority house at A&M :) I learned that I am pretty terrible at Scrabble. I was also once again reminded that board games are good most of all for starting marital disputes. Let’s just say that I wasn’t pleased when Brian kept yelling things out like “Bottle ghost! Glass of water!” when I was clearly drawing “Genie in a Bottle” during a round of Cranium. And I’m also still upset at his usage of the word “flout” in Scrabble when we all know that he had never heard of the word until he looked it up in the electronic dictionary right then and there. But don’t you worry, I have made sure to use the word on a fairly frequent basis since then just to make sure he doesn’t forget it. He loves me, I promise.

We came back home on Sunday only to spend 4 or 5 hours cleaning the entire house and (hooray!) decorating for Christmas. The stockings are hung (not by a chimney, because we don’t have one), the Christmas tree is up and (pre) lit, and the lights are up and running outside the house. Fortunately the neighbor’s cat kept us company while we were putting up the lights. For you cat-lovers, you probably really would have appreciated the fear and awe that the twinkling lights inspired in this cat. He was torn between swatting them to death and cuddling with them. Gotta love cats. Meanwhile Noah and Buster peered jealously through the back window, vowing to destroy Eli (the cat) if they ever get the opportunity.

Brian and I both took vacation days on Monday and Tuesday so we were thankful to have an extra-long break. On Monday night we got to go to the Texans game, and although it was a little on the chilly side, I actually had a good time and didn’t complain once! I also found it pretty amusing that they had separate lines to get into the stadium—one for men and one for women. This was for “frisking” purposes, so the fact that there were 2 lines wasn’t the funny part. What was amusing was that FOR ONCE, the men’s line was longer than the women’s! Apparently pro-football in 40 degree weather attracts males more than females—who would have thought? Anyway, Brian was pretty pumped to go to the game and I was appreciative that he invited me to join him rather than one of his sports-loving friends. And with only a few exceptions, I actually knew what was going on most of the time… that is, when I wasn’t pointing out to Brian which players had small butts and which players had huge butts. Important information, I know.

On Tuesday night (I know you are loving this play-by-play), we had our wonderful friends, the Trapps, over for dinner and games. In case you haven’t played Bananagrams, it’s time that you started. Our friends, the Malones (I feel so grown up and married citing our married friends by their last names—haha), introduced us to the game a couple of months ago, and I mentioned it to Chrissy (Trapp) because I knew she and her husband were big fans of board games. So not only did they bring the game with them to dinner, but they gave us our very own set of Bananagrams! Thank you, John and Chrissy, for the wonderful gift :o) Anyway, a good time was had, and it was not easy waking up at 5:17 am the next morning to get back to the real world. Although the fact that my office building is very elaborately decorated for Christmas did make it a little bit easier.

I should also mention that yesterday was my grandmother’s (mom’s mom) birthday. We call her Mom Brown, in case you’re keeping track. Anyway, I called her on my lunch break and asked her if she had big plans to go to the clubs that night. She responded with, “Oh yes! I’m going clubbing to see if I can find someone to dance with me!” Ha! Too cute. Somehow I think her evening probably ended with her falling asleep in front of the tv, but at least she’s hip and with it enough to pretend otherwise :o) I hope I’m like that when I’m old.

Ok props to you if you’ve made it this far into the post. Now that I have verbal vomited (love that phrase) for several paragraphs, I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled blog-reading. I want to try and blog about something fun and Christmas-y soon, so I’ll see what I can come up with. If all else fails, I'll talk about our dogs and the weather. Adios!

PS- I am too lazy to spell-check or grammar-check this, so please ignore any errors :)


Brian Joiner said...

Woohoo! First to comment on this post! Great play by play, and in reference to the earlier post - they have been 5 of the best years ever :)

Angela said...

As you may know, my husband and I are huge Jacksonville Jaguars fans. I hate that you were at that terrible game where our team did not even seem to be making an effort. So embarrassing! And the lines for the men are always longer than the lines for the women here, too. I guess they figure that they need to search the guys more thoroughly because they are more passionate about football for the most part. All they ever do to me is run their fingers around my waste to make sure I'm not packing a shotgun...I guess. But they make Dustin take off his hat and lift his shirt and sometimes they even use a wand.

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! I'll end this uber-long comment now ;)

The Blogivers said...

Sorry, I would have commented sooner, but it took me approximately 2 days to read your post :) JK, nothing but love for my twin sis.

Risa Holland said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Yay for a great Thanksgiving!!

*Kimmie* said...

Hahaha... commenting on football players' butts reminds me of WHS games. I think that's all we would pay attention to other than the Hylne performance. Glad nothing's changed!

And I love that you wake up at 5:17. So precise!