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Friday, December 5, 2008

Teeny boppers and dogloos

(Before proceeding with this post, I just have to inform you that I am very aware of how irritating the title sounds. I would be willing to bet that Allison was ready to comment about it before she even read the post! Anyway, keep reading.)

So two of my favorite songs right now are by David Archuleta (“Crush”) and Taylor Swift (“Love Story”)… I can’t help but think that this is a good indicator that my taste in music didn’t progress past the age of 15. But I am also admittedly still a big fan of the Backstreet Boys, so I guess this shouldn’t be any surprise to me.

My obsession with these two songs is a bit problematic, however, because it is preventing me from listening to a proper amount of Christmas music. Brian recently made me a mix cd (because that’s what young people in love do, obviously) with both songs on it, and I have been listening to it non-stop for a week. Amy Grant and Mariah Carey are going to be really upset if I don’t switch over to their Christmas albums ASAP, so I guess Archy and Taylor will have to be put on hold… at least until December 25th has passed.

So in case you haven’t noticed, Houston finally got the memo that the Christmas season should warrant jacket-attire rather than flip flops. I am extremely excited about this because I hate warm weather with a fiery passion. And I hate warm, HUMID weather even more… which is why Houston is the ideal place for me to live, right? Right.

So anyway, it’s pretty cold right now, and probably will be cool at least for the next couple of months (except on Christmas day, where I’m sure it will be a toasty 80 degrees just because that’s the way Texas operates). And we also happen to be going out of town a few times in the coming weeks, and sadly leaving our pups at home. Don’t worry, fellow animal lovers, we will have people checking in on them and feeding them, but just not anyone to let them in at night to sleep in their kennel. So to remedy this problem, we made a trip to PETCO last night to buy an outdoor shelter for Buster and Noah to keep them warm at night. First of all, those things are ridiculously expensive. You seriously want me to pay $160 for an igloo-shaped piece of plastic? I don’t think so, Roger-the-PETCO-salesman.

Roger also informed us that there were going to be some “big sales” going on this weekend, and that maybe we could come back to check those out. However, as he was escorting us out (how kind), we saw a “dog barn” that looked to be the right size and was only $90. Much more in our price range. So we said we liked it, and Brian asked if we should wait until this weekend to take advantage of the “big sales.” Roger then very shadily (yes, it’s a word) informed us that the dog barn was new, and that the upcoming sales didn’t apply to the new merchandise. Hmm, sounds legit... if you're a used car salesman.

Also, when we were explaining to Roger that we would be going out of town for a week and letting the dogs sleep outside, his jaw dropped to the floor and you would have thought we had just admitted to killing a village full of orphans. Um, newsflash, we love our dogs, but they are DOGS. I think they can handle sleeping outside for a few days. And hello, we were there purchasing something to help keep them warm. So quit being a hater. But he then revealed that he is the proud owner of 3 pugs, and we figured that any man that willingly owns 3 pugs is probably not an outdoor-dog kind of guy. Nothing but love for pugs, but I wouldn’t exactly call them rugged “man” dogs. It’s kind of like a guy driving a VW beetle in my opinion.

And my last rant about PETCO: they had to page Roger 3 times to come back to the "igloo" section to help us out. When he arrived, he apologized for the wait and said that they had been really short-handed because the flu was going around. I counted 1-2-3-4 other employees in the store and 1 other customer. How hopping can a PETCO be in Rosenberg, Texas at 6 pm on a Thursday night? Just curious.

Anyway, we ended up buying the dog barn and decided to go ahead and put it in the yard last night before bed just to let the dogs try it out. Well if you consider “trying it out” to be staring at it from across the yard and occasionally approaching the barn to lick the outside of it profusely, then the dogs definitely gave it a good try. We even tried to bribe them to go in there with treats (Brian even climbed inside of it at one point), but they had zero interest in going inside. I am hoping that they’ll warm up to it (no pun intended) today since they will actually be able to see it in daylight. Otherwise I’m going to send them both to work for a few days until they earn back that $90. Anyone need their fence painted? :)


The Blogivers said...

I don't need my fence painted, but I could use someone to come clean up my puppy's diarrhea?

Angela said...

It's always warm in Florida on Christmas, too. I hate that.

Sara said...

I like the song "Love Story" too haha! :)