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Monday, December 15, 2008

A surprise guest blogger!

Hi. Steve Nelson here. I’m Amanda’s Dad. She left for D.C. and gave her twin sister guest-blogging rights. Allison further delegated the guest blogging rights to me. We should probably alert Homeland Security about the explosion that’s about to occur in D.C. It’s just Amanda finding out that she has…drum roll, cue the fireworks…..No Control…over what I am about to write.

Not that I would write anything bad…it’s just sort of fun to watch Amanda squirm when things aren’t falling neatly into the places she had pre-designated, sorted, indexed, cross-indexed, and planned for. How many of you know that Amanda’s clothes are hung in her closet by four sort groups that are never violated, and in the following precedential order: seasonal, sleeve length, spectral colors starting with the lowest wave lengths and moving up, and acquisition date. When she was in high school, we could start a complete closet reorganization by simply pointing out that she had Grayscale colors, such as White, Silver, Gray, and Black on the wrong ends…or that Purple (similarly, magenta), which is a mixture of Blue and Red, was placed out of order and confused with Indigo. Of course, she had them right the first time, but it was fun to watch her prove it.

As I write this, I’m not getting that feeling of empowerment that I thought I would have. Instead, I have this feeling of dread…that there will be paybacks. Indeed, I’m gonna quit now while I can. Merry Christmas to all!


Angela said...

This is too funny! I have a friend who does similar things with her closet -- only her things are 1) having all of her hangers match (in color) whatever is hanging on them, 2) having a special separate closet for all empty hangers...because there can be no empty hangers, and of course 3) by type.

I only organize my closet by type (i.e. sleeve length, pants, skirts, dresses -- all facing the same direction). I don't even attempt the color thing because I want my hubby to help me with the laundry and I know he wouldn't if I were to get too specific on him.

*Kimmie* said...

Ha ha ha! I love it! My closet is arranged the *exact* same way and I never knew why... you must have somehow rubbed off on me years ago. Thanks, I think? =)

Beth said...

Awesome Mr. Nelson! I don't think my dad knows what a blog is.

Alexanders said...

I see where you twins get your humor from!

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