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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new year is (almost) here, but more importantly…

One year ago yesterday, we had our very first precious 4-legged friend join our family! Yes, that’s right, we have now officially had Noah for a whole year. And what a year it has been. You can go here to read about when we first got him.

In that post, I wrote a little bit about Noah and what he was like at first. Let’s review those statements and see if they are still true today:

1. “He has a very sweet disposition”: Check. He is still very sweet, although the addition of his little brother, Buster, has certainly brought out his territorial and aggressive side. He has been known to fit Buster’s entire head in his mouth with one bite on more than one (ok, daily) occasion.

2. “He seems to be a quick learner (we are working on “sit” and “shake” to start out)”: It’s true, Noah is very smart. However, to this day, we have only added 2 tricks to that list: “roll over” and “stay.” He is able to do all of them, but usually he is too distracted with the idea of eating Buster’s face to obey us when we try the different commands. Do you notice a theme here?

3. “His favorite activities include: chewing on his bone, going on walks, and spying on us through our windows… he is very curious”: Also true. He is a lurker… in the mornings he follows me from window to window throughout the house, halfway begging to come inside and halfway because I think he just likes to know what’s going on. He would make a really great stalker if he could just be more discreet… the whole incessant pawing at the window thing kind of tips us off that he’s watching.

And by the way, we need to add chasing and killing squirrels to that list. No need to explain if you’ve already read this.

4. “He also likes to chase his shadow and chew on himself”: And/or chase and chew on Buster. Whichever is more convenient at the time.

5. “He loves visitors (although he jumps, so beware! We are working on it!)”: Um, yes, there’s still plenty of jumping. So apparently we didn’t work too hard on it. Sorry, visitors!

6. “I feel like this is good practice for when we have children, as we are already having to tweak our routines a bit for him… but it is well worth it!”: If you consider tweaking our routine to include spending an evening driving around the neighborhood putting out “lost dog” signs, spending an afternoon stealing and disposing of a dead squirrel, and spending another evening installing an electric fence in our backyard, then yes, it's safe to say we’ve tweaked our routines a bit :o)

Yes, sweet Noah has been a handful, but he has also been a lot of fun. He and Buster certainly do keep things interesting... and expensive.

And in totally unrelated news, I wore my new pea coat today. It had some of those little silica gel things in the pockets, and when I took one out to throw it away, I realized that it says, “Do not eat” on the outside. Seriously? What I want to know is: who purchases a new coat, and then, upon finding a foreign object in the pocket, decides to eat it? I guess no one now that it comes with such helpful advice.

Happy new year, peeps!


The Blogivers said...

If Noah can fit Buster's head in his mouth, is there a good chance he can and will fit Rocky's entire body in his mouth?

beckley said...

for your sis-