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Saturday, December 20, 2008

As dictated by the pups

Kimmie and Gabby tagged sweet Noah and Buster to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about themselves. Noah and Buster really felt unloved and unappreciated when we ditched them to go to DC, so when I mentioned the idea of devoting an entire blog to them, they were pretty excited to say the least. There might have even been pee involved.

So to be fair, we gave Noah 3 facts, and Buster 3 facts. Noah gets to go first because he's the oldest. Feel free to do the same post for your favorite four-legged friend! Anyway, here goes:

1. I am ob-sessed with squirrels. I like to stalk them, chase them, and even occasionally hunt them and leave them by mom and dad's window to show off my skills. I spend most of my day patroling the yard to make sure no squirrels get in, and trying to bark them out of trees.

2. I have blue eyes! Most dogs have brown eyes, so I like to think this makes me special. Plus, whenever people meet me, they make sure to mention how pretty my eyes are. Looks like I'm the handsome one, Buster!

3. I love to shake hands. When mom and dad first got me, they taught me how to shake and roll over (before Buster came along and ruined my training). I learned that "shake" means I get a treat, so now I shake in order to get more treats, avoid getting in trouble, and get attention. Works every time.

4. I. eat. everything. It doesn't matter if it's food, grass, sticks, chew toys, soccer balls, the wheel of mom and dad's new grill, the grill cover, a trash bag... I eat it. And then proceed to barf up the remains.

5. I get car sick. I don't think I need to expand upon this one as long as you've read this post that mom wrote about my trip to the dog park. Oops.
6. I LOVE to lick people. Dad thinks it's a nervous habit, but really it's a product of my severe insecurity. Regardless, give me a hand, foot, pair of pants, couch cushion, whatever! I'll lick it.


*Kimmie* said...

Thanks Noah and Buster!

Noah, you do have the most beautiful blue puppy eyes! I'm sure you use those to your advantage.

The Blogivers said...

Dear Noah & Buster,
I can't wait to give you your Christmas presents!
Love, Rocky