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Monday, November 10, 2008

A restful weekend at home…?

This past weekend started off on Friday as most weekends do in the Joiner household with a trip to Wal-mart and a thorough cleaning of the house… two of Brian’s favorite activities, as you might have guessed. However, when you combine that with an oil change, a trip to the dry cleaners, and some premature Christmas shopping (I’m a planner, I can’t help it :o), it doesn’t leave much of the day to just relax. Brian also had a junior high lock-in at the church that evening which we both were planning to attend. Suffice it to say that we were already ready for another weekend to begin by the time Saturday morning rolled around.

I actually only attended the lock-in for a few hours, whereas Brian endured it in its 13-hour entirety. Let me just say that 5 minutes with middle schoolers is enough to wear me out for a week, so I’m not sure how he physically survived the whole evening. Don’t get me wrong—they are a great group of kids, but where do they find all that energy? I don’t think the endless supply of cookies and soft drinks really helped matters, but what would a lock-in be without unnecessary amounts of food that your mom won’t usually let you eat? Anyway, after a few “getting to know you” games and the world’s longest battle of Capture the Flag, I was ready to pass out. And pass out I did… for 10 hours.

I should also add that it was pretty cool to get to see Brian in his element—their drama, their uncontrollable hyper-activeness, and their unwillingness to stop.talking.ever. didn’t seem to phase him one bit. It seems that youth ministry truly is his calling… I totally thought he was just doing it for the money. HA! :o)

So anyway, Saturday was an adventure. We decided to take Buster and Noah to the dog park because the weather was perfect and we have been talking about taking them for quite some time. We also decided that we would swing by Jamba Juice and eat “lunch” while we played. Little did we know that it would turn into the world’s longest and most repulsive trip to Jamba Juice ever…

Let’s just say that we couldn’t find the Jamba Juice that we were looking for (we had an address, but couldn’t seem to find it), and so our adventure was already off to a rocky start. After some bickering and several u-turns, we decided just to head to the familiar Jamba Juice in Sugar Land and go to a park nearby instead. So if you know me at all, you realize that this fact alone frustrated me because of the precious time (as if we had better things to do) and gas money we had wasted.

So we were driving along, me in a bad mood and Brian trying desperately to get me out of it, when we turned around to admire how funny it was that Noah was coating Brian’s truck in saliva—inside and out—and how sweet it was that Buster was sleeping peacefully in the back seat. Or at least how sweet it was until we realized that he was sleeping next to a giant pile of his own VOMIT.

Fortunately, we had put a towel in the backseat for any drool that was being slopped around, and he managed to barf on the towel. Unfortunately, however, he threw up on the other side of the back seat (where there was no towel, mind you) just minutes later. So we pulled over as quickly as possible (which was not easy considering there was traffic—yes, on a Saturday afternoon… it’s Houston) to a gas station. I took the dogs on a little walk while Brian got to clean up the barf—lucky guy, I know. And let me tell you, when he was finished, Noah and Buster had NO interest in climbing back in that seat at all. I wonder why?

So we proceeded on our trip, thinking Buster’s car sickness had passed, and I gave him a nice tall cup of water to drink, which he inhaled in about 60 seconds. Big mistake. Almost instantly after getting back on the road and FINALLY swinging by Jamba Juice, he threw up again (mostly water this time) all over the back seat. It didn’t take much for us to realize that the dog park was not going to happen.

We quickly got on the highway and headed home. I talked to him and scratched behind his ears and tried my best to distract him, and he was SO CLOSE to making it home with no more incidents. So close, but yet so far. As we were turning onto our street (our backyard in sight), poor Buster threw up a fourth and final time. Fortunately, the turning motion of the car caused it to spread all over the backseat. Awe. Some.

So can you guess how we spent the next hour or so? Yes, that’s right, shampooing and vacuuming out Brian’s car. And then to alleviate our bad day, we watched the Aggies lose miserably to OU… what a great day, right? Fortunately we turned it all around with a fun semi-townie date—dinner at El Tiempo, followed by yogurt at Berripop ... annoying name, but very tasty, I promise.

For the record, Brian stuffed his face like I have never seen him do before. He consumed four heavily loaded beef/chicken fajitas for dinner. FOUR. Plus chips. I had 2 lightly-loaded fajitas of my own and was pretty stuffed. And then he finished all of his yogurt (blueberry with fruity pebbles on top) and part of mine (raspberry pomegranate with fruity pebbles on top). How is it possible that he is so thin? The world is an unfair place.

And by the way, I realize that these establishments are not in Rich-Rose, but the fact that they are in the Houston area will make them count as townie-worthy, ok? Besides, there are only so many restaurants in our area and I think we’ve tried all of the good ones by now. All of them except Bob’s Tacos, which I plan to try some day. And the dog park was only 16 miles from our house (George Bush Park)… it’s the thought that counts, right?

Oh, and for those that were curious, we ended our date by watching our latest Netflix movie—Legends of the Fall. I had never seen it, and while Brian assured me that it would be a good movie (it was), he did NOT warn me that it would be incredibly depressing. So in case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s your fair warning.

Have a great week, peeps!


Kelly and Andrew said...

poor, poor, buster.

Brian Joiner said...

really though... i am in youth ministry for the money :)

Shapoppie said...

You MUST go to Bob's Taco stand. It's the best breakfast in town.