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Monday, November 24, 2008

One fab day

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and already something to be thankful for: my high school pal, Kimmie has given me a blogging award! Many thanks to someone that kept me company in my love for Sesame Street characters several years after it was appropriate :o)!

So here are the rules:

First I must list 5 things that I find fabulously addictive:

1. Dairy Queen Blizzards – If you read my blog (ever), then this is probably no surprise to you. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I can’t go more than 2 weeks without one. I think they sprinkle a little bit of magic in those things.
2. Aveda products – I only own/regularly use 2 Aveda products, but they are my favorite by far. Somehow they just leave my hair smelling better than the Wal-mart brand of Head and Shoulders. Hard to believe, I know.
3. Marshalls – Much like DQ, I probably hit up Marshalls at least twice a month. And every time, I go at least partially in search of a pair of shoes. And every time, I leave without buying a single pair of shoes. Don't worry, my time is not wasted for I have made many a purchase there, just none that happen to be for my feet.
4. Facebook – Ok so maybe this isn’t fabulous, but it’s most definitely an addiction. I literally feel behind in my day if I haven’t checked all of the updated profiles from that day. And usually once I’m done doing that, I click on the photos tab and find myself perusing total strangers’ photo albums in hopes of finding out what my 1st grade best friend wore to a Halloween party. Because that, my friends, is essential knowledge.
5. Return-address stickers – If you’ve ever donated money to a charity, you have probably received a pack of these in the mail. Maybe this makes me a huge loser, but I just think it’s a really useful gift. Unless, of course, the stickers come complete with some old lady looking floral design (usually printed next to “Mr. Brian Joiner”… very masculine), but that doesn’t stop me from using them.

Now to share the love with 5 fabulous bloggers:

1. Stephanie D. because she’s one of my favorite new friends from Bible Study AND she has 2 very cute little girls!
2. Stephanie C. because it’s always important to show love to fellow WHS class of ’01 Chaparrals. And because she also has cute kids :o)
3. Bonnie because she’s also a fun friend from Bible Study. And that’s right, also has a cute kid!
4. Maryanne because she is one of my bestest friends and maybe this will motivate her to update her blog for the first time in almost a month :o) And by the way, she has 1 cute kid and 1 on the way!
5. Stephanie H. because I already had the other 2 Stephanies on here! And because she’s great.
6. (Yes, I cheated) My sister-in-law, Kelly, because she is family, duh!

To conclude, I have a lot of friends named Stephanie and I have a lot of friends with children. Have a happy Thanksgiving week, all!


Sean and Stephanie said...

Thanks, Amanda! I am totally with you on Marshalls. Love that store. Stay tuned for my post.... no time right now.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

The Coles said...

thank you from stephanie #2! one of my cute kiddos would say thank you as well, but at the moment she is staring at me with a red face saying, "pooping. mama, i pooping." so there you have it. thanks for the award!

Kelly and Andrew said...

i love address labels too! i really want the stamp one but obviously this house is very temporary so it's pointless to get one.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the award! I will update my blog eventually. I promise.

Stephanie said...

and thanks from stephanie #3 :) and you're great too!!