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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have LBS.

Yes, that’s right. I have Lumpy Butt Syndrome. I am wearing a new pair of pants today, and little did I know before I left the house that the pockets on the rear give me a lumpy butt! Tell me something, ladies: when in your life have you ever used the back pocket for anything on a pair of FITTED work pants? It just seems really silly to me that they are even there, but maybe that’s just me.

I also have a confession today: I abandoned my turkey sandwich-fruit-chips lunch today and rebelliously went out to eat instead. I packed my lunch and brought it with me and everything, but about an hour before lunch time, I just wasn’t feeling it. So what did I do? I e-mailed my husband and conned him into joining me for lunch at Cupcake Café. Actually, my exact words were, “Let’s go to Pappasitos/Cupcake Café/anywhere that isn’t turkeysandwich-ville.” Sometimes turkeysandwich-ville is just not going to cut it. And let me say that we made a wise decision, as Cupcake Café was delicious as always. We shared the pesto pollo sandwich and ginormous yellow cake cupcake with fudge icing. And so what if I’m still full 4 hours later? It was well worth it.

Also, Brian deserves a special shout out today. He drove to Beaumont yesterday to meet up with another Youth Minister friend and didn’t get home until 1:15 in the am from his visit. Despite his late night and full day of driving, he still woke up at 5:10 (4 hours of sleep later) to go to the YMCA with me! I’m guessing his work-out today wasn’t the best he’s ever had, but I appreciated him coming with me nonetheless.

So that’s about all that my lumpy butt and I have to say today. I am pretty pumped to watch The Biggest Loser tonight after last week’s big upset. More thoughts on that later. Adios!


brian joiner said...

woohoo for workouts on little sleep!

Kelly and Andrew said...

i have a pair of lumpy butt pants. it stinks because you have to iron the inside of your pants to get those pockets to lay down!

Angela said...

I have a pair of pants like that -- that I have to iron down the pockets. I always put my cell phone in my back pocket when I walk around my office...because I have an irrational phobia of being away from my phone for more than 3 and a half seconds. I mean -- what if I were to miss a call?!?

Mary Helen said...

I don't understand back pockets on women's pants either! I usually have them taken out if they are there because I don't want any extra padding back there, if you know what I mean :)