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Friday, October 17, 2008

Stick it to the (wo)man

Ok so this was one of those situations I knew I had to blog about as soon as it happened. I’ll make it brief (ha, yeah right), as I’m about to hit the road for our mom/daughter weekend (hooray!) in Bastrop.

So Brian and I went on our weekly grocery pilgrimage to the “nicer” (I use this term loosely) Walmart this afternoon. While we were waiting for the disgruntled lady at the deli (Why are they always so angry? Besides the fact that they slice meat for a living?) to slice my turkey, we decided to peruse the baked goods. Never a good idea. Brian was, of course, tempted almost instantly by one of the ready-to-eat apple pies, and so we put it on our basket. Because what’s a trip to the store without a good impulse buy? So please note here that the price of the pie, according to the shelf, was $2.98.

Fast forward to the end of our Walmart journey where we wait in line for 7 or 8 years to check out. As we are loading our cart and about to walk away, I notice that we were charged $4 for the pie. I pointed it out to Brian (who, let’s be honest, couldn’t care less because hey, he was going to eat a pie), and we went back to the bakery to see what the listed price was. Yep, $2.98.

So what would YOU have done next?

Well if you are a little bit ridiculous and already hold a slight grudge against Wal-mart, then you would have hopped in the customer service line and spent 10 minutes waiting to get your $1.02 back. Yes, I felt a little silly. Yes, the customer service lady gave me an, “are you serious?” look. And yes, my husband mustered up all the self-restraint he had and refrained from telling me what a nut job I am. And guess what—I DID get my $1.02 back. And I felt much better. The end.

So what’s your call? Was it worth it?


Josh and Jamie said...

i would have most definitely done the same thing - it's the principle of the matter, not only the $1.02 that was put back in your wallet.

Bonnie said...

You did the right thing. Go back I say!

Kate said...

dude. that $1.02 could buy you like, almost half of another pie.

obvi, i would have done the exact same thing. b/c i will continue to use hair products that make my 'do look like crapola simply b/c i shelled out $28 for them.


Kelly and Andrew said...

i always say something when something rings up a different price than it is posted as. we are young and poor, we have to save every dime we can!!

Kate said...

i left you a little tagging love on my blog!

lindsey said...

Yeah I would have done the same thing. Only...I probably would have just pitched a fit right there in line in the first place -- thereby embarrassing myself and my husband and everyone else before going over to the customer service line.

Also, I love the pictures of your puppies! Buster looks just like a "Buster."

The Blogivers said...

I think I deserve some credit for your new sense of cheapness, just for the record.