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Monday, October 13, 2008

Next thing you know, I'll be leaving the house without making the bed.

So if someone that knew me made a list of 100 adjectives to describe me, I can almost guarantee you that the word “spontaneous” would not be on there. I am nothing if not predictable and a planner. However, once in a blue moon, an occasion arises in which I get a little crazy and do something spontaneous. Examples:

(I may or may not have sat staring off into space for 5 full minutes before actually coming up with any examples.)
- bringing a Lean Pocket for lunch instead of my normal sandwich-apple-chips meal
- foregoing my Biggest Loser work-out dvd and walking in place while watching the news instead
- ordering a Sprite at dinner instead of a water

Ha, I am such a huge loser. I would love to add some more exciting examples on there, but because I make it a point not to lie to my readers, I can’t. But anyway, this weekend I am proud to say that I did something truly spontaneous! Brian and I had been planning to have a pretty low-key weekend at home. Well on Friday, while exchanging my normal e-mails with my sis, I discovered that she was a little down in the dumps. As is customary, she suggested that if I would come visit her (and bring her ice cream, mind you), then it would cheer her up. I resisted at first because the practical side of me only considered the cost of gas and the length of time we would have to spend in the car. But then something extraordinary happened…

I considered the alternative. Wow, crazy, I know. I called Brian on my way home from work and ran the idea by him. It didn’t take much to convince him (he is not exactly as stuck in his ways as I am, if you can believe it), and so to Austin we went! We were only there for 24 hours, but it was well worth it. In addition to hanging out with the Olivers (and the Days, briefly!), we also got to spend a LOT of quality time with Rocky (their new pup). Most of that quality time involved Rocky attempting to bite off pieces of Brian’s ears, but he was so cute that we (ok, I) didn’t mind :o).

And of course we managed to stop by my older sister’s house, during which I played a round of My Little Ponies with Emma and learned that Brown thought my name was “Yucky.” Our game of My Little Ponies went a little something like this: Emma didn’t want me to pull any of the ponies out (that was her job) and I wasn’t allowed to make them fly or talk (that was obviously not realistic). All of the ponies basically stood next to each other in silence for a minute or two (taking in the “moment,” I guess). And then Emma put them all back into her bag and looked at me very seriously and asked, “Amanda, will you go get me some grapes?” I can see how all of that rigorous pony-playing would have worked up an appetite.

So anyway, we headed back to Richmond on Saturday night and spent Sunday doing the usual end of the weekend activities. We DID make some time to go pick out pumpkins, and I am proud to say that we now have the perfect pumpkin family living on our front porch. Let’s hope they don’t rot and start oozing pumpkin juice prematurely like they did last year. But who knows, this lovely sauna-like weather we have been experiencing just might cause the poor pumpkins to melt altogether. Yum.

I realize that it’s Monday and it’s a little early to be talking about the upcoming weekend, but that’s not going to stop me. This weekend, my sisters, my mom, and I are all going to the Lost Pines Hyatt in Bastrop for a girls’ weekend. We have never done this before, but thought it would be a fun way to escape from reality for a weekend and spend some time together. I would be perfectly happy if we did nothing but sleep all weekend, but I realize that that doesn’t make me sound very social or fun to be around, so I guess I can manage to participate in a few activities that require me to be awake. Oh, the sacrifices I make for my family :o).

Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start!


The Blogivers said...

Thanks again for coming and getting me out of the dumps!

Kate said...

hehe - of course I don't mind! I've been a blog-stalker of yours for ages now!! ;)

Kristen said...

ha ha ha. your blogs always make me crack up. i think we are alike in the "i wish i could just sleep all 48 hours of the weekend and be a total bump on a log" person! UGH the weekends fly by waaaaay too fast!

please let me know how the trip is this weekend to the bastrop resort. Bry and I pass it everytime we go to the lake and I always mention that I wonder what it's like! let us know and have fun!! dinner this week or next? We need to go to BJ'S! it's about time for our monthly couples (not married people...yet! :) trip!!)

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I have heard wonderful things about that place, youll have to tell me how you like it!

Also, Ill be at a wedding in Bastrop this weekend so maybe Ill see you! =)