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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lead me not into temptation

I am a big believer in the power of accountability, so I am going to ask all of you for your help. I have been feeling VERY tempted lately to listen to Christmas music. My Christmas cd’s (or “jams,” as I like to call them) are conveniently situated in the front pockets of my cd holder, and it has required great self-control on my part not to pull out Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas album and pop it in for a little listen. But I know in my heart that it is not really acceptable to listen to said music until November 28th (the day after Thanksgiving—let’s give the turkey his proper respect). Please pray for me.

So I discovered last week that some of y’all actually DO watch Project Runway this season! I have been looking forward to tonight’s episode ever since Part 1 of the finale aired last week. I know that Kenley has had a little bit of an attitude this season, but I must admit that I’m rooting for her to win. I think she’s cute and I like her style, so I’m going to disregard the fact that she back-sasses Heidi and Tim on a far too regular basis. At least you have to give her props for defending her work, right? Anyone? Ok moving along.

(Please forgive me, by the way, as I have no intentions of making this post cohesive or well-connected.)

I don’t normally blog about products I enjoy, but I recently came across one that I have to share with you. I was in Williams Sonoma not long ago, strolling through the store with my friend, Chrissy, and trying to ignore the fact that their much of their cookware costs more than a month’s rent for most people. And though that may be true, I still love going into the store, in large part because their food samples are amazing. Trust me, I know this because I consumed 3 of the caramel filled acorn-shaped pancake bites while I was there.

By the way, I love how everyone walks by the samples casually, acting like they hardly even notice the delicious, FREE baked goods sitting out for all the world to see/smell. Then they linger nearby and wait until one of the employees offers the sample, and then respond with, “Oh! I didn’t even see that chocolate cupcake sitting out. I guess I could have a bite since you offered.” LIAR. We all know it’s the only reason you went into the store anyway. But I digress.

So while we were there, we found this:

It’s a lotion and hand soap set, but if I’m going to be honest here, knowing that didn’t stop me from wanting to eat it. I kept re-smelling my hand after I put some of it on (casually, of course, so people didn't think I was a hand-smelling freak of nature) throughout the day and wishing I had purchased it. But it’s probably a good thing I didn’t, because we all know how that would end: Brian would come home to find me passed out on the bathroom floor after having eaten some of the lotion.

With all that to say, if anyone was thinking about getting me a little gift for Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall/no reason at all, I would gladly accept the Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Spice soap and lotion from you with open arms because that’s the kind of friend I am :o).

And because (a) I just over-dosed on gummy bears and (b) this post is going nowhere fast, I’m going to stop right here. Have a good one!


The Blogivers said...

If anyone does decide to get her that gift, you will be required to get one for me too... just sayin'. You wouldn't want me to be the "left out" twin, would you?

Stacey Harrison said...

no way. Kenley can't win. She is a brat. I think I like the other chick. no, not Koto (or however the heck you spell it), but the other one... what's her name again?

Mary Helen said...

I totally do that at Williams-Sonoma with the samples! Too funny! And Allison, I love your idea of buying TWO gifts instead of one. I will have to tell our friends that, too :) Y'all have fun at your Girl's Weekend!

The Joiners said...

Stacey- her name is Leigh Ann (or some variation of that spelling) and yes, she is talented, but THOSE BANGS. I really can't handle them :)

Mary Helen- your spa weekend with your mom was our inspiration for our girls' weekend, so thanks for that!

Mary Helen said...

Oh I am so glad! I know you guys will make some memories. You will have to post some pictures next week. Have a great time!!!

Sara said...

Yay for Christmas music - only a month and a half left before we can listen to it all the time!! :) I have the same Christmas music rule (day after Thanksgiving) - it really is so hard to wait!