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Monday, October 27, 2008

I like cold fronts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny…

Name what song that’s from or you totally didn’t grow up in the 90s.

It appears that a REAL cold front is (finally) coming our way! Now we can participate in Fall like the rest of the country, and maybe if we’re lucky, it won’t feel like the 4th of July outside on Halloween. Fingers crossed. But I’m not sure why I care all that much, considering my days of trick-or-treating are (sadly) way behind me. Don’t worry though, that won’t stop me from consuming inappropriate amounts of candy. The best part is that we will be in Austin, and my mom gets the GOOD candy (not the cheapo dum-dums and generic bubble gum mix), so I will be snacking in style.

I have had a few memorable Halloweens in my life… in 3rd grade, I had the pleasure of vomiting in the bathroom while my friends were trick-or-treating. A case of the flu paired with pizza for dinner made for quite an unpleasant evening. Don’t people usually spend Halloween puking in the bathroom in their college years rather than elementary school? Anyway, I also remember that my “long-term” boyfriend broke up with me on Halloween in 6th grade. What a jerk. Apparently he decided some other girl named Jordan was cuter and that he was no longer interested in me. I probably made sure to tell him she was way too popular for a guy named “Thad” before letting him go on his merry way. And PS, THAD, Jordan is a boy’s name.

I don’t remember ever having a very impressive costume. However, I do remember that I decided to be a gumball machine in 5th grade. I conveniently already had a rainbow striped turtleneck (because who didn’t in 1993?), so I just safety pinned some colorful balloons to my shirt and put a giant sign on my back that said “25 cents.” Allison, tactful and loving sister that she was, informed me that I looked more like a “cheap, colorful hooker” than a gumball machine. Thanks for the wise piece of advice, sis :o).

We are throwing a baby shower for my big sister on November 1st of this year, so while helping my mom pass candy out to the neighborhood kids, we will likely spend our Halloween evening this year baking desserts for the shower. Either way sugar is involved, so I’m fine with it. And since we’ll be in Austin, we will get to see my cute niece and nephew in their Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes… yes, I will post pictures. Oh, and we get to see Allison & Wade’s puppy, Rocky, dressed up as a bumble bee. We thought about getting Noah and Buster costumes, but quickly realized that they would be more likely to eat them than wear them. Maybe next year.

What about you, friend/family member/blog stalker? What are your Halloween plans for 2008?


The Armstrong Family said...

I am so excited about the cold front, too! We just got in from NYC a few hours ago and it is the same temperature. I LOVE it! Lee & I are buying special treats for our favorite trick-or-treaters and then turning off our porch lights to head to the THS football game. I think my grandparents did that when we were little! Lame, I know.

The Blogivers said...

You already know what I'm doing, dummy!

*Kimmie* said...

I will be wearing my lady bug shell, that I couldn't wear last year because I was morbidly ill, with my black scrubs to work. Gabby will be a bumble bee.

Angela said...

I am definitely going to buy Zipper a costume. There is no way that Baggie would ever wear one, so this is my only chance :) Other than that...we're going to be playing characters in a neighborhood haunted house!

Sean and Stephanie said...

Happy (early) Halloween!

We'll be going to a Halloween party, and I want to make that yummy Halloween chex mix that you brought to bible study last year - oh so good! I had my hopes up that you would bring it last night again, but sadly, you weren't even there :(. We missed you!

So will you email me the recipe when you get a chance?

Have a safe trip this weekend!

stacey harrison said...

i am going to my sister's house to watch my nephew trick or treat. fun times.

Kate said...

We are going as Mustard (him) and Ketchup (me) - both hand-made costumes... and by "hand-made," I mean we're wearing yellow and red and I made us signs and hats out of posterboard and makers!

I'm mad b/c I have to be Ketchup and Mustard is sooo my fav condiment but I suppose Red is a more fun color... plus, if we get sick of our posterboard labels, we can always just be "cardinal and straw!"