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Monday, October 6, 2008

Acid reflux, a flu shot, and much, much more.

Peeps, I am not sure if it’s Monday or if it’s my body revolting against me, but I am just not feeling up to the challenge of being awake and having to use my brain today. We had a very productive weekend (my favorite kind!) and as a result, didn’t spend as much time relaxing as we might normally do on a weekend. And as such, I am still tired from last week!

I don’t usually have to make myself to do lists because my brain is kind of like a living organizer, but I had so many things I wanted to accomplish this past weekend that I actually wrote them down. And I’m pleased to inform you that we knocked out all but one item—watching our latest Netflix movie (“The Bucket List,” for those of you who are dying to know). I’m sure we’ll get to that this weekend, so no worries. And lucky for Brian, I am planning on adding another item to the to do list: shopping at the outlet malls. He loves me, I promise. :)

So anyway, I managed to eat my weight in junk food this weekend (no surprise there) and I am now being punished for it. I think I might have blogged about this before, but I am pretty sure I am being plagued by acid reflux disease. I know it’s pretty common, but it is making me pretty miserable. So without getting into the details concerning my symptoms, I will just let you know that Allison is also suffering from the same thing. She is going to see a doc about it tomorrow, so I figure since we’re identical twins, I’ll wait and see what her diagnosis is before rushing to make an appointment for myself :o) Oh the benefits of sharing a womb…

One thing she can’t (and would never offer to) sub in for me for, however, is, for flu shot day tomorrow. Yes, my company is very kindly offering them for free, which is great, but it also seems really crazy that I am willingly signing up to have someone poke me with a needle. Anyway, my mom is and always has been a big advocate of the flu shot, and I will say that the one year I didn’t get a shot, I got the flu, so I’m not taking my chances!

Are you bored by this post yet? Because I am. Let’s move onto townie news. You need to go read this article right away. But in case you don’t feel like navigating away from my blog OR are not literate, I’ll summarize it for you: a statue was recently constructed in front of Richmond’s city hall to commemorate the city’s mayor, Hilmar Moore. His accomplishment? Being the longest continuously serving mayor in the United States. He has been the Mayor of Richmond for 59 years! That is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome, that is. Makes me proud to be a townie, that’s for sure.

I also feel like I should mention the dogs since I haven’t really talked about them lately. They have been digging holes in the backyard at a higher rate of speed than ever. These are not just little dips in the yard, people. I’m talking like half a foot or more in depth. Yesterday I tripped when I accidentally stepped in one of the craters, only to stumble forward and land my foot in another crater. Fortunately, I avoided any injuries, but it was a close call. Brian then forced Buster to lick my hurt foot out of feigned sympathy. I know that inside, he was laughing that his trap had worked.

I am really not sure why they are digging, other than boredom with their normal activities (wrestling, chasing squirrels, spilling their food all over the yard, playing in their water bowls). Either that, or they hate us and are punishing us for being bad parents. I’m going to go with boredom so that I won’t feel as guilty. Regardless, it is not making for a very attractive backyard, so please don’t judge us if our landscaping consists of dead ferns and some holes in the ground. Classy.

Also, (we think) Buster is about to celebrate his first birthday! Because we found him stranded by a dumpster, we can’t say for sure, but that’s the vet’s best guess. We decided to celebrate his birthday on October 31st, and Noah’s on December 31st. So maybe we will throw them a joint birthday party in November? Keep an eye out for your evite. Party activities include the above-listed: (wrestling, chasing squirrels, spilling their food all over the yard, playing in their water bowls), so bring your game face.

Well that’s all for now. Time for me to go fight back the urge to vomit all over my keyboard. I hate you, acid reflux. Or whatever is wrong with me. Peace out, trouts!


Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I am terrified of needles and the one time I took my company up on their offer for a free shot, I went home sick-go figure.

Stacey Harrison said...

i better get invited to the doggie bday party. i can dig holes in the backyard too.

The Joiners said...

Ha ha Stacey, I would love to see you digging holes alongside our dogs :) We weren't really planning on having a party, but now we might just to see if you'll do it!

Angela said...

My company is offering a free flu-shot, too, but I don't think I'm going to get it. I think I'd rather take my chances. Yeah, I'm tough.

*Kimmie* said...

Is 25 now considered old? Because I, too, have had recent battles with acid reflux. Luckily it was a simple regimen of taking acid reducers after heavy meals that did the trick for me, but I always thought old people had acid reflux.

And I, too, am getting a free flu shot in the near future at work. ICK!