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Monday, September 22, 2008

I want a s'more.

Today’s title has nothing at all to do with today’s post. I just thought I should let y’all know that I have been craving a s’more for about a week now, and I really can’t seem to get over it. We have chocolate and graham crackers in our pantry, but have yet to remember to purchase any marshmallows, so for the time being, I am out of luck.

So I’d say our trip to the BCS was a success. Brian and I arrived there on Friday afternoon after what SHOULD have been a quick 1.5 hour trip. Well we made the mistake of stopping at Sonic (during Happy Hour, mind you) on our way out of town. It took 35 minutes. 35 MINUTES for a vanilla Dr. Pepper and a WATER. Meanwhile, the vans full of morbidly obese families to our left and right—who arrived after us, mind you—were served their beverages AND food while we waited. Ok maybe there was only one morbidly obese customer, but still. We (I) finally got fed up and pressed the order button (ok, I made Brian do it) to see what the deal was. Minutes later the world’s angriest and meanest looking Sonic car hop came rushing out with our complex order, apologizing while simultaneously insisting that it was a “madhouse” in there. How mad does a house have to be in order for it to take 35 minutes to fill up 2 cups with ice and beverages? Ok I’ll stop now, but seriously, it was very irritating.

So anyway, we met up with Shannon at the Chi O house, where I got to see her room (my old room) and re-live the glory days. I was shocked and offended to find that I am now so old that 2 of the 4 composites featuring my picture have now been moved upstairs. Risa and I were discussing the fact that when we lived at the Chi O house, all of the pictures upstairs seemed like they were from a really long time ago and that the girls in those pictures seemed way outdated. So apparently we are old news now. Bummer.

We went to Sweet Eugene’s with Shannon for a bit before meeting up with our friends Sarah and Jason for dinner at La Bodega. As per usual, I convinced Brian to share a burrito with me. Don’t get me wrong, I could easily consume my own. But I try to practice a little bit of portion control so that I don’t become one of those 800-pound women featured on TLC in shows called, “What it’s like to be gigantic” or something equally compelling. So anyway, dinner was amazing. I’m going to have to make sure that it’s not another 7 months before I eat it again.

Allison and Wade rolled into town later in the evening and we met them at Sweet Eugene’s (yes, again) with Risa, as well as Wade’s sister, Amy, and her boyfriend, Sam. Now that you know everyone’s names, I guess it’s safe to proceed. After we’d had our fill of pretending we were still cool college kids, Allison and I parted ways with the boys and headed to Risa’s for the night. She has a cute little duplex and was very sweet to let us stay with her. She even cooked breakfast for us on Saturday morning! Thank you, Reesy Weesy, for being such a wonderful hostess!

Saturday was spent as planned—shopping at less-than-stellar stores and cruising around our old stomping grounds. And yes, we did a little bit of eating. Ok a lot of eating. I blame Risa for the unlimited supply of Oreos and peanut M&Ms. Anyway, we met up with all of the game-goers (well, not the whole stadium, just the peeps we were with) for dinner at Casa Ole in Post Oak Mall. It is rare to find a place where you can eat after a football game in College Station without an extremely long wait, but somehow we managed to find a restaurant with no wait at all. Which probably doesn’t bode well for the quality of the restaurant, but oh well.

And here is the exciting part: after dinner, we made an obligatory stop at the Puppy Store in the mall. You can probably guess what they sell there. Well after a lot of peer pressure and about 5 seconds spent holding one of the little pups, Allison and Wade decided to take the plunge and become puppy-owners. They now have a new little pup named Rocky and he is really incredibly adorable. Go to her blog to see a pic. I am proud to be Rocky’s aunt, and can’t wait to play with him again soon!

Yesterday was spent church-ing and recovering from our weekend of fun. And by recovering, I mean grocery shopping, doing laundry, and cooking. Oh the joys of being an adult. We are headed out of town again this weekend—this time to Dallas for my sweet friend, Sara’s wedding! If you’re really lucky, I’ll post again before we leave town. Until then, have a great week!


Brian Joiner said...

the "what it's like to be gigantic" comment made my chuckle out loud :)

The Blogivers said...

I'm glad you didn't tell everyone about my secret but very real fear of actually appearing on that show one day... and thanks for peer pressuring us into buying our cute little gremlin! As a token of our appreciation, we are going to call you tonight every time he wakes us up :)

Risa Holland said...

Yay for the visit to the BCS!!! Come back sooooon!!

Lauren & Zack said...

Zack used to work at the puppy store!! And when he did, we bought a little german shepherd from there and now Belle is our huge crazy loud dog!