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Friday, September 5, 2008

I can’t decide if this makes me sound racist or just hungry?

So yesterday as I was merging onto the freeway on the way home from work, I noticed that the Sugar Land Town Square billboard had been changed. There was a big stamp (more or less) on the corner that said, “Welcome home Lopez family!” And what was my first thought? That we were getting a new Mexican food restaurant in Town Square. Um. What is wrong with me? In my defense, there is a very tasty Mexican food restaurant named Lopez just outside of Sugar Land, so I thought maybe they were opening up another one. But in actuality, they were welcoming home the Lopez family (who lives in Sugar Land) from the Olympics (3 of the kids in the family participated). And the sad part is that when I realized what the sign was really about, I was a little disappointed that there would, in fact, be no new restaurant.

Brian and I have big plans to go shopping after I get off work today (did I mention half-day Fridays are the greatest idea EVER?). It was totally Brian’s idea and I’m just tagging along. Or the opposite—you be the judge. I need to buy some new pants because I am bored with the ones I have, and I figure it would be nice to have a new pair or two for the Fall. However, I realize that what I need to tell Brian is the following: “I am mainly going to buy pants, but if I see anything else that catches my eye, I will probably want to try it on. And I will likely want to go into stores that don’t sell pants as well.” I have found that if I don’t use this disclaimer, then some pouting and some righteous indignation will ensue as soon as I insist that we go into the candle store when I have previously declared we are on a mission to find pants.

Some other exciting news—my older sister finds out on Monday morning what baby #3 will be! In case you weren’t already in the know about my extended family, she and her husband already have Emma, the cutest 3-year-old ever, and Brown, the cutest almost-2-year-old ever. So now that they already have one of each, it will be interesting to see what comes out next! She isn’t due until January, but it will be exciting to put a gender and a name with my sister’s baby bump :o) It’s a bummer not to live in Austin anymore because I hardly get to see the kiddos, but you better believe I’ll be making some extra trips that way once this next one arrives.

And today, you lucky readers, you, I will be leaving you with a townie fun fact… but this time, it’s a Sugar Land fun fact! I figure since I work in SL, I might as well give it some love (courtesy of this website):

Sugar became a part of life in the area when S. M. Swinson, captain of a small freight boat, made a meandering journey along the United States coast from New York to Velasco. Along the journey, commodities were picked up at various points and dispensed of as the journey proceeded. One of the stops was Cuba, and as it happened, it was during the height of sugar cane season. A small load of sugar cane stalks was taken on board and later delivered to Samuel M. Williams.

The next time Swinson came to the area, he saw sugar cane growing "as high as a man on a horse" and immediately returned to Cuba to purchase more stalks. Soon after, a mill was built to squeeze the juice from the stalks. Today, the present refinery is located approximately on the spot where the first mill was built.


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Did I forget to tell you that I'm pregnant too? Oops... surprise!

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