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Monday, September 8, 2008

The cone of uncertainty

I don’t know why, but this term really makes me laugh. It seems like they would come up with something a little more technical to describe the possible projected path(s) of a hurricane. It sounds more like the name of a sci-fi movie to me, but anyway. Yes, it’s that time again. Allegedly Hurricane Ike is (possibly) headed straight for H-town. I will admit that it is hard for me to take these storms seriously when there has been so much hype and so little bad weather associated with them in my area so far. But now that I say it, it will probably make a direct hit on Richmond, so I’m going to shut up now.

We/I had another fun weekend. After going shopping on Friday (no, I didn’t find any pants), we came back to the house and watched our most recent Netflix delivery—Schindler’s List. Very uplifting, let me tell you. We took a mid-movie break and had dinner at IHOP. Why, you ask? Because we secretly wish that we were 60 years old. And because nothing takes the edge off of a depressing movie quite like a short stack of pancakes. But really it's because we have had a gift card to IHOP for 6 months now and have yet to use it, so we thought it was about time. Brian literally stuffed his face and consumed more food in his dinner (breakfast) than he does in a normal day. I watched in awe and jealousy, knowing that if I had done the same, I would have easily woken up the next morning weighing 15 extra pounds. But don’t worry, I still enjoyed my eggs and pancakes.

On Saturday I made a quick trip to Dallas for my friend Sara’s bachelorette party. Sara and I go waaaay back to our freshman year at A&M when we were Chi O pledge sisters. She and her sister Haley are two of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet, so we (Allison and I) had a lot of fun sharing a hotel room with and catching up with them. The hotel we stayed at was really cool, and get this—at the hotel, you have the option of having a complimentary goldfish brought to your room to keep you company. No, I am not making this up. And yes, we definitely took advantage. We named our little friend Clayton after Sara’s fiancée—he was the life of the party for sure :o) The party was fun- Sara got a lot of cute things and we all ate a lot of food. The end.

On my plane ride back yesterday, I sat next to a very delightful little boy. And by delightful, I mean that he was picking his nose HARDCORE and yes, eating it. AND he was wiping the grease off of the top of his pizza and licking it (prior to the nose picking, but I’m not sure if that makes it any less gross). The flight was crowded so he was separated from his parents, so I’m just hoping that he would have not gotten away with that had they been there. I kept thinking about how I was breathing all of his recycled air and it made me want to vomit on his comic books, but I refrained. Looks like I’m not ready to be a mom yet, huh? Or at least not to an 8-year-old boy.

And by the way, we found out this morning that Baby Wheeler # 3 is a boy! Now Brown will have a little brother to play with, and as Brian put it, he will also have someone else to help him torment Emma now! Hopefully they won't pick their noses and lick pizza grease off their fingers on airplanes. I'd like to think Ford & Elizabeth will teach them better :o) But anyway, I’ll let you know once Baby Boy Wheeler has a name!

Ok I think that’s about all I have for right now. Have a great week, peeps!


Angela said...

Even though I had no reason to think you were lying, I did click on the hotel website to see if I could find on there where it said you get a free goldfish to keep you company. Yep, it was there.
I'm totally with you on the whole "breathing recycled air" thing. When I'm near someone gross I try to hold my breath so I won't get their germs in my mouth and nose.

The Olivers said...

So glad I got to hear the details of your plane ride not once, but twice! And that they are in writing now so I can read them whenever I want!

Bonnie said...

That sounds like one of those plane rides where the first thing you want to do when you get off is take a shower!