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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Call me crazy

So I may or may not have used my seat heater today because the temperature was in the 60s. Those of you who live outside of Texas will call this lame. And I will call you a weather elitist.

Anyway, it was glorious. I think I want to move to a place where it feels like Fall all year round—suggestions? I’m back at work today, but I wouldn’t exactly call it back to normal. Our phones aren’t working, some of our doors aren’t working, and it is eerily empty and quiet since not all of the other companies in our building have come back to work. It is also not normal for traffic light cables to be hanging in the road, or for there to be 4+ hour lines at the gas station, or for Walgreens to be completely out of milk. Who buys milk at Walgreens anyway? Let’s be honest, though—I was really at Walgreens to buy candy, so I can’t really complain.

I wish I could say I had something other than Ike to blog about, but considering that most of the news stations are still covering it 24/7, I can’t really help but have it on the brain. We are making a trip to Aggieland this weekend, and I’m hoping that the hype will have fizzled out a little by the time we get back. However, if there are still more than a million people without power at that time, then I have a feeling it will still be making the news J

So about our trip to the B/CS—Brian and Wade will be attending the football game against Miami with their sisters, while Allison and I are gallivanting around town and partaking in more nostalgic activities, like eating Shake’s concretes and shopping at Post Oak Mall (it’s a great shopping place, puts a smile on your face…). And I can assure you that a meal at La Bodega will definitely be consumed during our visit.

I actually wouldn’t mind going to the game, but if the temperature were to rise above 85 degrees and if I was forced to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time, I probably wouldn’t provide the most enjoyable company to those around me, so I will play it safe and stay out of the stadium. But don’t worry, Ags, I will be rooting for you!

Speaking of the Aggies, have I ever mentioned how much I love it when people talk smack to me about A&M’s football team? Especially if they (a) didn't attend the school that we played against and (b) insinuate that our athletic record is indicative of our scholastic abilities. Yep, it’s true. Right up there with how much I love it when people don’t hold open doors for others, blatantly misuse grammar, and are embarrassingly rude to waiters or other people providing customer service. So as a friendly reminder this football season, please keep any negative Aggie comments to yourself :o). Thanks and gig ‘em.

Have a happy and hurricane-free week, friends!


Ellen and Bill said...

Amanda, I use my seat warmers all the time. They are so cozy. Check out my pictures I just put out.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Ill be there too! =)

Stacey Harrison said...

1) why are you annoyed with the coverage of Ike? is there anything else going on in the world? not that I would know since I still don't have electricity at home 2)yummm La Bodega... I miss it so much 3) ditto on the negative Aggie comments.

Kelly and Andrew said...

one of my aggie friends made fun of tech for having cheerleaders...
you will love vermont (in a YEAR!) ... best fall ever!

Jenni said...

I will be like Stacey and put my comments in a list: 1) I am jealous you are going to Shake's, even though I still call it Shakey's from my Ozark days. There is nothing like that here in West Virginia. 2) I have the Post Oak Mall song stuck in my head. 3) I used my seat warmers today, too. They were a requirement before moving to what I consider the arctic.

Mary Helen said...

I am jealous that you are going to Shake's and La Bodega this weekend! I haven't been there in so long and am having withdrawals. My mouth is watering already. I hope you girls have fun running around during the game!

The Jasters said...

Mmmmm. . .Shake's and La Bodega - 2of my favorite places in good ol' CS! Let me know if they have the Pumpkin Pie concrete at Shake's if you go. We're going up there next weekend and I am definitely making a stop if they have it.:o) Have a wonderful time!:o)

Brittany & Matt said...

I would just like to say that there is nothing wrong with using your seat warmers! (or butt warmers as I fondly call them). Sometimes I turn my AC on really cold just so I can use them ;)
And I will attempt to refrain from negative Aggie comments if you can keep the aggies from making negative Texas Tech remarks!
And lastly - I just wanted to say that between you and Allison I was finally inspired to start a blog too! Y'all's (how do you make that word possessive?) blogs crack me up all the time - thanks for making me laugh!
Hope you're having a good week!