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Friday, September 12, 2008

Bring it on, Ike.

So here we sit, hunkered down and glued to our tv screen in anticipation of Ike. Many of our neighbors have boarded up their windows, but being the rebels that we are, we are going to close the blinds and hope that does the trick. We have secured any "loose objects" outside (the dogs included) and are hoping that the wind doesn't knock any of our trees over onto our house. And we are also utilizing our garage (for something other than storage) for the first time since we moved in! My car is parked in there and "big blue" (as Brian refers to his truck) is in the driveway.

The storm isn't supposed to hit until late tonight, but work (finally) was cancelled for the day for me, and Brian doesn't work on Fridays anyway, so we have basically just spent the day watching the weather and sitting around. We did take the pups on a walk and clean the house, but other than that, we are just being lazy. Which is why I had the free time to change the layout of the old bloggy blog. Hope you like it!

I have discovered another hurricane term that I find amusing: "the dirty side" of the storm. Weathermen and city officials throw this out (along with the "cone of uncertainty") with such serious tones and it is hard not to laugh. It is easy, however, to laugh at the mayor of Galveston who is currently answering questions at a news conference. I realize her city is currently mostly under water, so I'm not saying she has no reason to behave this way, but home girl looks really ticked off. She reminds me of a very strict and unforgiving school secretary. Here's a pic of her. I wouldn't be surprised if she ate that poor dog after that picture was taken. Kidding. :o)

Anyway, I don't have much else exciting to report for the time being. Know that we are safe and sound (for now) here in Richmond! Brian picked up a few supplies yesterday- water and batteries, mainly. When he called to tell me this, my first question was, "No M&M's? No chips and queso?" Clearly he does not understand the true meaning of "hunkering down." Anyway, bring it on, Ike. We're ready for you.


*Kimmie* said...

Good luck and stay safe! Love the new layout!

Angela said...

Your new layout and picture are so cute!! Hope you survive okay and nothing bad happens to your family and your house. At least you get time off from work! :)

Angela said...

Oh can put the HTML code for your layout in a thing at the bottom of your blog. That's what I've done before so it's not so visible at the top. Just a thought.

Kelly and Andrew said...

i love your new main pic!