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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bet you didn't think you'd see me back here so soon!

My blogging buddy, Angela, tagged me to post six unspectacular quirks about myself. I realize you have already gotten to enjoy one post from me today, so just consider yourselves extra blessed :)

So here are the tag rules:
Link to the person who tagged you.
Post the rules on your blog.
List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
Leave a comment on each taggee's blog to let them know they've been tagged.

1. My favorite chapstick is Vanilla Mint (Chapstick brand). I use it every day and only wear lipstick for special occasions.

2. I refused to eat Asian food until I was finally forced to try Pei Wei/PF Chang’s 3 or 4 years ago.

3. Brian and I have not one, but several make-believe friends. I will spare you the details for fear that you will think we are really strange :o).

4. I wish I could be paid to write.

5. My shirts are organized in my closet by color and sleeve length. I have successfully convinced Brian to maintain a somewhat similar order on his side of the closet… a small victory, but an important one indeed!

6. My favorite CD to sing along with in the car is Deana Carter’s “Did I Shave My Legs for This?”

I am a huge rebel, so I am not tagging anyone else. But feel free to copy and paste anyway!


Angela said...

I am totally addicted to Cherry Chap Stick. I have at least 2 with me at all times (one in my purse and one in my pocket). I've never tried the vanilla one.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

My clothes are also organized by sleeve length but not color... Ive always thought about it but get too scared of what people might think should they ever enter the OCD den that is my closet. My shoes are also on the shoe rack in order of heel size and type (formal, casual, flats, closed toe, etc.) Psycho much?