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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Only in the south

So I recently made a trip to Lafayette, Louisiana for work. If you have never been to Louisiana, I highly recommend it—it is almost like being on another planet. I probably shouldn’t say that, considering that my wonderful in-laws grew up there, but I think they would agree with me that there really isn’t anywhere on earth quite like it.

While I was resting in my hotel room, I decided to watch some tv and landed quickly on the local news. Now in Louisiana’s defense, the news station was actually based in Mississippi, but let me just say I was pretty shocked at the poor fashion sense displayed by the news anchors. It almost looked like they broke into my mom’s closet back in 1980 and decided to throw a few things together and call it an outfit. I guess I have gotten spoiled by the always classy and witty Owen and Lauren on Houston’s channel 2 news, so maybe I have just turned into a news-snob. Forgive me.

But anyway, I also had the privilege of viewing a really amazing commercial for a gift shop. They were scanning through pictures of some of their items (silver picture frames, jewelry boxes, etc.) and talking about how practical their gifts are. I immediately had a “I have to blog about this asap” moment when I heard the following phrase: “Our gifts are perfect for all special occasions—weddings, birthdays, showers, and tailgate parties.” Yes, tailgate parties. Only in the south would a reoccurring weekend event involving burgers, beer, and football be lumped in with “special occasions.” And maybe I missed something, but since when does tailgating involve special gifts?

I also had the treat of eating at a Shoney’s in Louisiana on my way home from the trip. If you have never been to a Shoney’s, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it. It was like stepping into an alternate universe… one in which I immediately felt compelled to throw on a pair of jorts and cut my hair into a mullet. All I’m saying is that the lunch buffet included liver and onions, and that the decoration “theme” for the restaurant was colored balloons. I sort of felt like I was crashing a child’s birthday party. But that would be assuming that the child’s birthday party theme was 1950s redneck.

Because I haven’t mentioned bugs in a while (at least 1+ weeks), I think you should know that there was a ginormous spider on our kitchen floor this morning. When I saw it, I very calmly (ha) yelled to Brian that the world’s largest spider was in our kitchen and he needed to come get it, stat. He bravely captured it with a paper towel and threw it away. But what is really gross is that when I looked closely at the floor, I saw a few spider babies fleeing the scene. Apparently we killed a mommy spider. And I only feel a little bit bad about it.

You should all be proud: I have stayed up “late” watching the Olympics two nights in a row now! After watching some of the swimming competitions last night, I have come to the conclusion that some of those athletes swim faster than I run. It’s sad, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. And I’m ok with that, because it means that while they are working out and trying to shave one hundredth of a second off of their time, I can make semi-frequent trips to Dairy Queen and spend hours playing on facebook without feeling all that guilty about it. Oh, idleness, how I love thee.

Ok that’s about all for now… I know we haven’t been very townie lately, but hopefully we will get back into the townie groove this weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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Kelly and Andrew said...

HAHA! My grandmother used to take me to Shoney's (growing up in Mississippi...) so I could get strawberry pie! white trash... hmm a little bit!