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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long live the ice cream man

A conversation I had recently:

Other person: “So where is Sugar Land?”
Me: “It’s just southwest of Houston.”
Other person: “Well, what about if you’re coming from the East?”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Other person: “Where is it if you are coming from the East?”
Me: “Um… it’s still on the southwest side of Houston.”
Other person: “Even if you’re coming from the East?”

Um, did I miss something? I have been labeled as directionally challenged before, but I think this person might just have it worse than I do.

So Brian and I had a fun-filled anniversary mini-vacation this past weekend. We went to Austin (briefly) and to San Antonio. It wasn’t quite the same as honeymooning at an all-inclusive resort on the beach in Mexico, but hey, we'll take what we can get. As is expected, we did a lot of eating, and a lot of walking around. And in case you didn’t realize, it’s August. In Texas. So yes, we did almost melt. I never realized just how dependent I am on my daily water intake until I found myself dehydrated, sweating like a pig, and throwing a temper tantrum in downtown San Antonio in which I declared I hate vacations, I hate Texas, and I want to move to Alaska. I would like to blame my irrational behavior on the heat, but it’s more likely just a personality defect :o)

It was good to get back home and into our normal routine, which as of lately, includes watching countless hours of the Olympics. Sadly it seems like a lot of the real action happens after I go to sleep, so I end up wasting precious time watching boxing and sand volleyball until bedtime, only to see the clips of the exciting events on the news the next morning. Such is life when you live like a senior citizen.

Brian and I are BOTH going to be in town (yes, the same town!) this weekend, so that’s pretty exciting. My goals for the weekend include thoroughly cleaning the house (Brian’s favorite weekend activity), grocery shopping, sleeping, and not eating absurd amounts of tortilla chips. I think I have a pretty good shot at achieving all of those, so we’ll see how it goes… always aiming high, I know. Oh, and we are also making dinner for Brian’s parents on Saturday night—should be fun times! Haven’t decided what’s on the menu yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

And in townie news, the ice cream man has been cruising around the neighborhood lately! We haven’t gotten anything from him, but I must say that hearing that familiar tune play on his truck does take me back to my childhood. Allison and I chased our neighborhood ice cream man down so frequently growing up that he finally just started parking in front of our house to wait for us to come out. Now that I read that, it sounds a little bit creepy, but trust me, it was legit. And I am laughing at the image that must be coming to your mind—two morbidly obese twin girls waddling down the street in pursuit of the ice cream man.

That’s about all I have for today—mainly because every time I turn around to write a new paragraph, I keep getting distracted. So I will try to blog again later this week. Until then, have a good one!

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The Olivers said...

I blame that ice cream man for my love handles.