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Friday, August 1, 2008

Just a thought... or ten.

Ok so this is random, but has anyone else ever noticed how elusive the people are that change the prices on gas station signs? I think in my entire life, I have actually seen the number-changing take place maybe twice. And if you consider how many gas stations I have passed by in my life, that is a pretty small number. So if you want my opinion (and let's be honest, I'll give it regardless), the price changing peeps should really consider switching to a career with the CIA or something. It is a rare talent to go unnoticed so easily.

Also, I have to share a small (ok, major) victory with you all. For Brian's 24th birthday last year, I attempted to make him a peach cobbler. This birthday took place during our engagement, and some time before then, Brian had decided that he wanted to have a cobbler in place of a groom's cake, so I thought it would be a nice little surprise. Welllllll it would have been nice, had I known that baking soda and baking powder weren't the same thing and didn't consequently present him with a foul-smelling brown spongey disaster for his birthday. He is sweet and "ate" it anyway, but I wouldn't be surprise if he vomited it up later.

Anyway, moving on to the point. Our anniversary is on Monday, and Brian has been out of town all week. So I thought it would be a nice surprise to have a peach cobbler waiting for him upon his return as an early anniversary present. And guess what- it was a success! I didn't take a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I will, however, post a picture of the one I attempted to make for his birthday, as well as one of the cobbler served at our wedding. Can you tell which one is which?!

As Allison mentioned in her most recent post, the Nelson family has 3 anniversaries to look forward to this next week. Ford and Elizabeth (my oldest sister) celebrate 6 years on Sunday, Brian and I celebrate 1 year on Monday, and Allison and Wade celebrate 2 years on Tuesday. And if that's not enough, Ford's birthday is on Monday as well! (And just as a side note, Kelly and Andrew's anniversary is June 16th, which is also Elizabeth's birthday AND my in-laws' anniversary... apparently our family likes to pile everything onto the calendar at one time:). So that's pretty exciting. I will try to do an anniversary post at some point in the next few days, so be on the look-out.

Hmm... what else to report... oh, this is exciting: I got a little sunburned last weekend when we went out to the pool, and so my face and scalp have started peeling. It's a pretty attractive combo, really, because it leaves people wondering not only if I have chronic dry skin, but a bad dandruff problem on top of it. I suppose that's what I get for putting sunscreen on everywhere except my face and part! I know, I know, the problems I deal with on a daily basis are pretty much unbearable.

Well I'm off to spend my Friday night like all of the cool kids do- watching tv, eating a sweet potato for dinner, and reading my book until Brian gets home. Can you stand the excitement? I can't.

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The Olivers said...

hooray, now you are well on your way to helping me with my cupcake shop!